A wooden conservatory painted in grey

With summer fast approaching, many people will be booking holidays abroad or planning their time off. However, at Brinard Joinery, we might suggest that you look to invest in a new wooden conservatory this coming summer season. 

Wooden conservatories are just one of the many fantastic wooden products we offer. We supply high quality bespoke joinery in Derby and we are proud of it. 

So let’s look at some of the many reasons you should consider investing in a new wooden conservatory this summer. 

Keeping Your Home Cool

We start with arguably the most important feature of any home during the summer months. That is of course to help keep your home cool as the temperatures start to sizzle outside. 

Many homes in the UK are not fitted with sufficient air conditioning systems and as such, homeowners must come up with new and innovative ways to keep the house cool. Luckily, wooden products and constructions are one of the most effective at reducing the temperature in your home. 

Wood, on the whole, has high heat insulating properties. This means that the material is extremely effective at defending against a high heat environment. 

The extremely effective nature of heat resistance in your wooden conservatory rings especially true if you happen to have a wooden floor. We have already covered how wooden floors can be beneficial for summertime. In short, they can help reduce heat in your home and also protect against the accumulation of allergens. 


When it comes to versatility regarding construction, there are few materials as customisable as wood. Wood can be formed into pretty much any shape or form to meet even the most unique of requirements. 

As previously mentioned, we supply expertly crafted bespoke joinery in Derby. One of our team of experts can come to your property and draw up any plans for your next high quality wooden joinery masterpiece. 

Types of Wood

While on the topic of versatility and customisation, there are actually many different types of wood you could use for your wooden conservatory. Whether you are looking for more traditional hardwood or the frequently praised Accoya timber. As we have previously stated, we supply and endorse Accoya products be it the fabulous Accoya windows or doors. So if you were to ask for us for a recommendation, we would suggest Accoya. 

Do You Require Bespoke Joinery In Derby? 

Do you require bespoke joinery, then please get in touch with us. We supply many great joinery services including our A rated timber windows in Derby