A Rated Timber Windows

Now is the right time to invest in A Rated Timber Windows for your home.

No one can deny the temperatures have plummeted in recent days as winter creeps up on us but having A-Rated timber glazing helps to prevent heat loss in the colder months.
Our windows are designed to retain heat in winter which in turn could save you money on heating.

This isn’t just a seasonal fix though, as A Rated Timber Windows can also keep your property cool in the summer too as they are designed not to overheat during warmer days.

The rating system of windows goes from A* to G (A* being the highest) and we’re proud that our A Rated Timber Windows are certified and approved by the government.

Brinard vs insects

But what about those pesky insects damaging my woodwork?

Well we’ve got you covered there too as our A Rated Timber Windows are highly repellent to insect damage, moisture and mould.

We’re also very environmentally conscious as all our A rated Timber Windows are sourced from sustainable sources and are fully degradable when the time comes to replace them.

Brinard Joinery also offers a 50 year guarantee on all of our windows; come rain or shine our products are built to last.

Speak to the A Rated Timber Windows experts

We always say don’t take our word for it, take a look at our gallery to see some properties we have transformed with A Rated Timber Windows or pay us a visit and check out our showroom.

Brinard Joinery is based in Alfreton, Derbyshire and we supply right across the country plus we also offer specific services to different regions.

Why not give our team a call today on 01773 608693 to discuss your timber requirements or contact us with your enquiry.