Sun shining throw trees in a forest

Wooden windows and doors have increased in popularity once again over the last few years. And of course, why wouldn’t they? They are attractive, energy-efficient, able to be painted and cost-efficient.


With an increased awareness of deforestation, many people are questioning the impact that wooden doors and windows will have on this as they become a popular choice once again. The unfortunate reality is that many companies offering wooden doors and windows aren’t using a reliable and sustainable source. However, as you have found your way to the Brinard Joinery website, you must be doing your research to find the best company for the job.
Here at Brinard Joinery, we have invested time and resources into sourcing the very best suppliers for our wood, meaning that our customers only receive the best quality and sustainable wood available on the market. This is why we have chosen to use Accoya wood.

Accoya Wood

Having undergone decades of research and development, Accoya has developed new and innovative treatments for their wood. These treatments help to alter the structure of the otherwise soft redwood they use. This process is known as acetylation and hardens the wood, increasing its strength and durability.
Accoya ensures that they are using wood from certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) forests. This means that the council ensures that any deforestation is corrected by means of rejuvenation in the area. The use of softwood as opposed to hardwood means that the trees take less time to reach maturity. Hardwood trees can take decades to mature, and up to 100 years before they can be harvested, whereas softwood has a significantly shorter growth time, meaning that trees can be planted to coincide with harvesting rates.

Accoya Disposal

Accoya Doors and Windows have a long lifespan, so you will not need to be concerned about their disposal just yet. But we appreciate that our greener customers will be wanting to know if their frames will one day end up at the landfill. This is for piece of mind, if anything. 
The long life of Accoya allows you to enjoy your wooden doors and windows for far longer than many other kinds of wood would. However, long after they have served their purpose, and when the regular treatments have ended, your Accoya will biodegrade, allowing it to re-enter nature.
This means that your doors and windows can be recycled once they are no longer in use. At present, Accoya wood is widely recycled with garden waste and other wood types. However, with ever-changing recycling patterns, in the future, this may change.

For more information on Accoya windows and doors from Brinard Joinery, please contact a member of our expert team today. We will be more than happpy to assist you. Head back to our blogs for regular ideas and updates on how we can help you to create something unique for your home.