bespoke joinery in sheffield

Not everything you want in your home or business is available to purchase off the shelf. Or you might find it in a store, but it just doesn’t fit quite right. Maybe there’s something that starts off needing just one little adjustment, that turns into making complete changes. Why not make the most of a bespoke design, created to suit you?

Bespoke Designs

Here at Brinard Joinery we aim to provide our customers with entirely bespoke joinery projects that fit their needs and designs. As part of these unique projects we also offer bespoke designs.
You may already have an idea of what you would like for us to create, but might not have the ability or skills to get that into a design. Here’s where we can help. Meeting with our customers, we can discuss features and requirements that you are looking for within your project. Taking plenty of notes and perhaps a few sketches we can come away and draw up your completely unique designs. From full scale kitchens, with all the added nooks and crannies turned into storage spaces, to simple doors or windows.

What do we need?

To create a completely bespoke design for you, there are a few details we’ll need from you to create the perfect design to fit your home. The most important pieces of information we will require include:
Measurements – this might be the measurements of the space we are filling, for example dimensions of a kitchen, and where the doors and windows are, to design the right kitchen for the space, of the sizes of your windows and doors, to create a bespoke replacement. If you are looking for something freestanding, we might require dimensions you are looking for, we might discuss the need to tweak these dependant upon the project (such as table size if you are looking for x amount of chairs to fit under).
The style – If you are looking for a specific style, we need to know how you want this project to fit into that style. For example, If you are looking for a classy, country kitchen, we need to know what you are looking for to give your kitchen that country feel.
Conservation – You might be looking to create a replication of a design, with perhaps a few modifications, such as old style doors and windows, with subtle alterations to improve eco-efficiency.
Match-ups – There may already be something within your home that you would like to incorporate the design of. For example, upgrading to new windows and doors to match others that you have already had done.

Bespoke Joinery from Brinard Joinery

We often hear from customers who have truly unique ideas for projects. These are the types of jobs that we look forward to. Something a little different where we can show our customers the great range of skills that our team has to offer. For more information on the projects we have completed please visit our Other Projects page.
To discuss any ideas you may have for your home or business, please contact a member of our team today and we will be happy to discuss this with you.