Bespoke Wooden Staircase

Not all of the projects that we undertake here at Brinard Joinery are as grand as the large Georgian conservatories, or as obvious of a new set of stunning timber windows, or that new bespoke wooden door. Sometimes, our customers just want something smaller and simple to complete the look inside or outside of their homes. One of the other services that we offer is Bespoke Machining.

What Is Bespoke Machining?

Bespoke timber machining is the act of shaping your timber to the desired shape or design, but use of a machine to ensure that each piece is uniform, and will continue a shape or pattern through as many pieces of timber as required.

What Can Bespoke Machining Be Used For

The usual use of timber machining is to create skirting boards and architraves with a distinctive shape, pattern or design. The benefit to opting to have this done using a bespoke machine here at Brinard Joinery is that you can ensure that you are not using a run of the mill shape that you could find in local hardware stores. These are the small things that can complete the look of a room, so why not make them unique to you?
Bespoke machining can also be used to offer you a unique bannister (even when you aren’t changing out your full staircase). This means that your new handrail can be designed to a shape that suits either your style, or fits perfectly in your hand as you travel up and down the stairs.
Your staircase can be a significant feature in your home, depending on where it is, such as a staircase leading out of your living room is a key feature. So you want this to look as attractive and unique as possible, having your spindles created specifically for you and to your own design can help to give this a new lease of life.

For more information on the Bespoke Machining available from Brinard Joinery, please contact a member of our expert team today who will be more than happy to discuss this with you. You can also check out other projects that we can offer for your home in our products or our blogs pages.