External cladding on a modern home

Our home is a space that we can entirely design to showcase our style and personality, and what a better way to showcase this than with a spot of bespoke joinery? How about some bespoke cladding to make a large impact to your home.

Create your own style

Trends come in and out of fashion, from bold interior prints, to sleek white external walls, we have seen them all come and go over the years. So why follow the trends? Design your home to showcase your own style and personality and be entirely unique to you.
Here at Brinard Joinery, we find that wooden cladding can entirely change the appearance of both the interior and exterior of your home, and by investing in bespoke there are any number of different looks and styles that you can give your home, from classic American country house, to old English cabins in the woods.

Internal Cladding

Internal cladding was once a design choice for interior designers, with some houses once sporting dark wooden cladding in multiple rooms throughout the house. However, we know that this has long since gone out of style. What we do think should be in style is light coloured cladding, from pale pastel matte effect colours, to all-white gloss, cladding can add texture to a wall, and even help hide uneven walls in old houses.
For those of you who love upcycling, the matte painted cladding can complement the rest of your upcycled furniture, or use it in a bathroom on the walls, or the side of the bath to give a more beachy or nautical feel.

External Cladding

When we say external cladding, many people picture American style houses, usually as these were primarily wooden. However, if you look into more modern holiday parks, you find that a number of accommodations are now externally clad in wood, giving them a modern, natural feeling.
Bespoke cladding means that you can choose to design your cladding however you want your house to look. Whether that is the standard vertical or horizontal cladding that we see, or whether you opt for more of a fish scale appearance, we’re on hand to get the right look for you.

However you decide to include cladding in your home design, remember to factor in any treatment that it will require throughout its lifespan. While we think its a great too to have in or on your home, we do want you to be aware that to increase the lifespan and make your investment worthwhile, regular treatment will be required. This will be less than standard wooden cladding due to our use of Accoya wood.

Here at Brinard Joinery, our team of expert joiners love a good challenge. So if you have an idea for some internal or external cladding, get in touch with us today, we would love to hear your ideas and see how we can turn these into a reality. Check out our latest blogs for other ideas of how bespoke joinery can transform your home.