A bespoke garden room on a summers day

With summer just around the corner, we are spending more and more time in our garden. But why should it only be the summertime that we use our gardens? Investing in a garden room means that not only do you have a space to escape out of the blazing summer sun while still enjoying the garden, but also to make the most of the space in the winter too.

What is a garden room?

A garden room is a stunning alternative to having a conservatory or orangery attached to your house. Garden rooms are typically separate from the main house and usually at the end of a garden, or a place that gets the best sun.
While not every garden room is built with timber, they are typically a timber frame, with large pane windows and doors filling at least the front. Some are windows on more than one side, while others are more enclosed to the sides.

Why choose a garden room?

People opt for a garden room over a conservatory or orangery for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is the concentration of the sun on certain areas of the garden. For example, the back of the house itself may get very little natural sunlight, meaning that a conservatory might be wasted in this space. While the end of the garden may bathe in sunlight for the majority of the day, making it the perfect space to add a room.
Another reason for investing in a garden room is when you have children, again this is for multiple reasons, firstly, it can be as an escape from the kids when they are in the house when you need a quiet zone, a place to watch the kids play in the garden, or a place for the kids to play where they can be safe. When those little ones turn into teenagers, you might even lose the space completely as they take over as part of their “own space”.
It can be a great space where you can enjoy your garden, whilst being protected from the elements whether that be the sun, rain or snow.
We also find that following 2020 many people are working from home, and finding space for a home office can be difficult, so many people have turned the corner of their garden room into a space where they can focus and concentrate on work, away from the main house.

Why go bespoke?

As with everything we do here at Brinard Joinery, we strongly believe that bespoke is best. You can design everything to suit the demands of your family, and include all the style aspects that give it personality. With a garden room being built into your garden, we can even build it to a shape that fits into space that would otherwise be lost or unused. With bespoke, you can include all the features that will make the space perfect for use, whether that includes a built-in toy cupboard, a nook where you can close away your work computer when it’s not in use, or even the space for a mini kitchenette, giving it a fully functional feel (we can discuss a toilet cupboard if that’s what you are looking for too).

For more information on a bespoke garden room from Brinard Joinery contact a member of our expert team today who will be more than happy to assist you. Check out our latest blogs for other ideas on how we can use bespoke joinery to create a new look for your home.