An iconic archway

Across the globe, we see a number of iconic archways, from the Wellington Arch in London, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and even the India Gate in New Delhi. We also see arches in the designs of buildings and gardens across Japan and China that offer a very specific visual. So why not incorporate the iconic idea of an arch, around your own home.

The Front Arch

To the front of your home, there are a number of ways that you can incorporate an arch. Commonly seen in quaint little country cottages, the first type of arch to the front of your home is that at the entrance to your garden path. Covered in vines and ivy, this can give the entrance to your home a wonderful rustic feel. This can also be replicated over a driveway, with gates included if you are looking for a little more protection.
Another style of arch that you can add to the front of your home is in the form of a porch. Here we aren’t saying to invest in a full porch complete with walls and windows. Just a simple wooden arch to perfectly frame your front door. Offering not only a stylish welcome to your guests, but also a drier welcome in the event of poor weather.

The Garden Arch

A range of different styles of gardens can all include arches in some description. The most common garden arch we see, if usually used to separate different sections of the garden, and can be accompanied by small fences, lines of shrubs or even little walls. However, if you are looking for a more zen garden, introducing a Japanese style arch to your gravelled area, can truly complete the look and feel of the space.
Arches in the garden can also be built to make a feature of certain aspects, such as a bench, a flower bed, or even just a collection of stunning flower pots. Depending on the style of arch you are looking for, they can even make a great structure for your climbing plants to enjoy, from the usual climbing roses and ivy, to grapevines and vine tomatoes.

Arches Inside The Home

Typically, the only arches that we find inside the home are those that have been built into the architecture of the building. Such as arches between rooms in an open-plan setting, replacing the typical square opening, or to either side of a chimney breast, often used to give the space character. However, we think that arches can be added into your home, to give it a touch of character.
Ideas for arches inside the home starts with the likes of bespoke bookcases or shelving, designed to look like an arch. Or a small utensils arch in the kitchen, built to hold the standard cooking utensils or even glasses and mugs.

Wedding Arch

With an increase in outdoor weddings, we have seen a number of people tying the knot under a wooden arch. While there are many places that will already have one of their own that you can hire for the day, and there might be places where you can hire them from for your own space, nothing says more about the couple than a bespoke arch. Our bespoke joinery doesn’t cost the earth, so why not invest in a bespoke arch to say your vows under. By going bespoke you are guaranteed to have an arch that encompasses the style and personality of the couple, that they can then keep forever. The wonderful benefit of bespoke joinery from Brinard Joinery is that we use the very best in Accoya wood, which has a lifespan above ground of around 50 years, meaning you can remember that day for a long time to come.

For more information on any projects that you are looking at for your home, please contact a member of our team today who will be happy to assist you. For more ideas on how bespoke joinery can make a difference in and around your home, head over to our latest blogs.