bespoke entrance with a wooden porch

The bad weather has officially arrived here in the UK. With gusty winds, and heavy downfalls battering the outsides of our homes. How can we help to keep the weather outside and the inside of our homes nice dry and toasty this winter? A simple porch will do!

Just A Simple Porch

If you are limited on space at the front of your home, or even if your budget is fairly small, you can still consider a porch! It will just be a simple canopy porch!
A canopy porch is just as it sounds, a simple canopy that protrudes out from your home and above your front door. For added strength and stability, we include supporting beams, not to mention they add to the design too!
This structure will help to reduce the rain that hits your door in most downpours and winds, reducing the risk of any rain making it inside as you open the door. It can also help to keep you dry as your fumble to get your keys in the door. We all know that it takes twice as long to get your keys in the door when it’s raining!

Two-sided porch

If you are looking for a little more protection from the wind and rain, but still aren’t too fussed about a full porch, you can opt for a two-sided porch. This is similar to the canopy porch, however, your two sides will be filled in, usually with windows. This increases the protection from the elements. Unless of course, the wind is heading directly at the front door.

The Full Porch

A full porch can be as large or small as you need it to be. Whether you are short on space but want full protection from the elements, or you are flush with space and would like to add a big entrance to your home.
A full porch from Brinard Joinery incorporates a fully enclosed space, before your front door. Our bespoke porches are created using the finest Accoya wood and incorporate picturesque windows, and solid wooden doors (or wooden frames with large windows) to keep the space completely free from the elements.

Benefits To Porches

There are different benefits depending on the type of porch that you opt for for your home. Firstly the Canopy Porch.

  • Shelter from the rain when trying to unlock your door.
  • Protection from the rain to your home as you open your door.
  • Protection from the elements allowing your front door an increased lifespan.

The Two-sided Porch.

  • Increased protection from the elements on 2 sides
  • Space to leave wet shoes /coats/umbrellas if the space is large enough to shelter the weather.

The Full Porch.

  • Complete protection from all weather conditions
  • Increased security when locked
  • Ability to see who is at the door without unlocking
  • Safe space to leave wet coats and shoes.
  • Space to add a seat for removal of shoes before entering the house
  • Space for guests to wait out of the rain if unlocked and you aren’t home.

If you are interested in adding a touch of increased weather protection to your home, please don’t hesitate to contact the team here at Brinard Joinery who will be happy to assist you.