A wooden conservatory painted in grey

Back in February, we looks at ways to winter proof your conservatory.  Now that summer has officially arrived and the UK is seeing record temperatures, we only thought the next logical step was to look at ways to keep your wooden conservatory this summer. 

At Brinard Joinery, we stock incredible wooden conservatories. We also supply fantastic many unique and aesthetically pleasing accessories and customisation options. From external wooden doors to sleek wooden accoya windows. 

As a quality purveyor of bespoke joinery in Nottingham, Derby, Leicestershire and surrounding areas, we have learned a thing or two about conservatory reservation. As such, let’s look at ways to keep your conservatory cool this record breaking summer.

Keep Your Blinds Closed

Like many of our other lists, we prefer to start with either the most important or at least the technique to prioritise the most. Because conservatories have so many windows, you will probably have blinds to block out the sun at certain times of the day. If you do not, we would recommend you invest in some. 

When you have blinds in your conservatory, it might be tempting to open them during the sunniest and nicest parts of the day. However, this would be a big mistake. If you open your blinds, the glass will act as a magnifying glass subsequently warming up the room. 

From here your conservatory acts as a greenhouse becoming significantly warmer. As such, you should keep your blinds closed. 

Increase Ventilation But Only During Certain Times

If your conservatory is warm, you might be tempted to open windows to cool the room down. But if it is warmer, you should maybe not contemplate not opening the window. 

When you open the window, you allow warm air to enter. This can be to your detriment if you are trying to cool your conservatory. 

It is not to say you shouldn’t open them all together. You should open your windows during the cooler and windy periods of the evening. Try to wait for the temperature to drop below 15 degrees Celsius. If the temperature does not drop that low, you might want to consider keeping your window closed all together. 

Choose Soft Furnishing 

You might surprise you to know, but your furnishings choice can have an effect on how warm your conservatory feels. 

You should choice soft furnishing to populate your conservatory. This includes furnishings that are; white, have pastel colours, lights and use soft fabrics and materials. 

You should pay particular attention to avoid material such as leather. This can warm up your room and also feel uncomfortable when very hot. 

Consider Cooling Film 

Not many people take advantage of cooling film when thinking of how to keep their room cool. If you are unaware, cooling film is an adhesive layer which is added to glass. The layer then reflects around 80% of the sun away from your conservatory. 

In addition to protecting you from the potentially harmful effects of the UV rays, it will help preserve your conservatory in a cool state. 

Cooling film is a relatively inexpensive material to install. This makes it a much more economical cooling option compared to other alternatives. 

Install Air Conditioning

From a much more economical option to potentially the most expensive cooling system. Having air conditioning in your conservatory is a sure-fire way to get your conservatory nice and cool during the summer months. 

Air conditioning units can vary drastically in price depending on the make and power of the system. A typical price of an air conditioning unit will cost you anything from £400 to £1,000.

While air conditioning might rely on a significant amount of upfront investment. Once your unit it up and running, all you will need to do is turn it on and relax in the cooling atmosphere. 

We Supply Top Quality Wooden Products 

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