Timber Windows from the Outside

Brand new timber windows and doors look amazing. This great, just fitted, look can be kept for a number of years providing they are kept clean and well maintained.
The wood we use here at Brinard Joinery has been treated before we fit your windows and doors, giving you a good strong base from the onset. So how do you maintain this?

Keeping things clean

While you can clean your timber as many times as you please, we advise you to do this at least twice a year, but preferably twice. Once as we approach summer and again just before the winter sets in. By carrying out cleans at these times of year you can notice any issues and address them before weather extremes come into play.
The best way to clean your frames and doors is to use a simple mixture or warm water and a non-abrasive and non-acidic soap, such as most washing up liquids. Using a soft cloth you can gently rub away any dirt and grime that has accumulated since your last clean. Using this method helps you to locate potential issues, such as gaps in the surrounding brickwork that can let in damp and critters. It will also allow you to remove any critters that have made a home around your timber.
Where you can, avoid the use of a hosepipe or jetwash as this can saturate your timber where rain would normally miss.

Treating your frames and doors

Discuss the coating that is on your frames with our team of fitting experts, as this will help you to ensure that any future coatings are compatible and as good of quality. This can help you to extend the lifespan. If you have inherited timber frames when you buy a house, aim to re-treat with the best form of treatment you can at the time.
When preparing to treat, ensure that firstly you clean your timber as above. You will then need to remove the top layer with a very fine abrasive, such as fine sandpaper. Ensure that you are not aggressive as this can lead to score marks on your timber.
Clean away all sanding dust with clean water and allow to thoroughly dry before continuing. Any trapped moisture can stop the treatment or paint from bonding with the timber and can cause you issues further down the line.
You can then apply your treatment or paint. Ensure that you avoid any locks and catches as this may cause stiffness. You can protect these and your windows with simple masking tape. Take care to follow all instructions on the product, including drying times before second coats as overloading will alter the overall dry time.

When we, at Brinard Joinery, fit your new timber doors and windows we will go through the maintenance steps with you. If you have any further questions you are more than welcome to ask while we are there, or you can contact us later and our team of experts can discuss this with you, making sure you get the most out of yours, for many years to come.