Close up of kitchen side in a wooden kitchen

With bespoke joinery in Derbyshire offering so many unique and diverse products; it can be quite not challenging to traverse the extensive range of wooden products. 

While the increasingly popular wooden kitchen incorporates many wood based products and special joinery; the frequently used domestic space does not get the spotlight nearly enough. 

So we thought we would look at ways to reinvigorate your wooden kitchen

Treating Your Kitchens Wooden Cabinets 

Your trusty kitchen cabinets might see quite a lot of wear and tear throughout their lifecycle. From unpreventable spillages and inconvenient chips from where the door has been spammed open. 

Because of this, it is of paramount importance that you treat the wood on your cabinets. One of the easiest ways to do this is by enacting a variety of cleaning regimes.

If you wish to wash your cabinets daily, all that is required is a simple homemade cleaning solution. Mix one part vinegar and water at room temperature, this solution is perfect as it will not warp or damage the finishing’s of your cupboards. 

If you do not like the smell or prefer just not to clean with vinegar, you can use a simple soap solution instead. Do not use harsh detergents. Heavy duty chemicals can lead to discolouration and, more severe cases, warping. 

For a deeper and thorough clean, you should purchase oil soap wood cleaner. This cleaning product expertly cleans the roots of your wooden products whilst offering a degree of polish. 

Maintain Wooden Windows

We have recently touched upon the value of regular and vigorous wooden window maintenance. Wooden windows in your kitchen serve an extra purpose as they usually act as the primary source of ventilation. 

Whilst the windows are key to letting air out, if shrinkage or craps appears, this can result in unwelcomed drafts making it virtually impossible to control the climate of your kitchen space. 

A very popular and effective solution is of course our Accoya windows. Accoya’s incredible durability and strength ensures you will be able to carefully control the temperature of your enabling maximum comfort and functionality. 

Invest In A Radio

Not overly wood or joinery related, adding a compact radio to your kitchen side is interesting to spice up your kitchen. Accompanying the fact that your kitchen side looks more populated and lived in with one is the clear fact you can listen to your favourite music while performing the more mundane kitchen tasks. 

The kitchen should arguably be in every homeowner’s kitchen. 

Why Not Reinvigorate Your Wooden Kitchen Today? 

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