Merchant Area

We have developed strong relationships with a number of national and independent timber and builders merchants and we adjust our level of involvement with your customer according to your preferences. We have knowledge and expertise in our field – you can use this to your benefit with minimal involvement.

This works well with self-builders, enabling you to offer a full package along with the building materials. Be assured that we will deal discretely with your customer and will never accept direct orders from them. This has caused us to lose jobs in the past, but we believe that it is essential to maintain the chain of supply.

If required:

We can work independently on your behalf or work alongside your own salespeople. We can deal directly with your customer to discuss their needs and preferences. Telephone numbers used to contact your customers would be mobile only and return calls would never be answered in our name.We can take responsibility for ensuring that their needs are met and that the customer knows exactly what to expect.

We can send prices through to you, or to your customer, on your letter head and include your agreed margin. We will site survey prior to manufacture. We can deliver to the customer on our unmarked vehicle using your delivery notes.

Please give us a call if you want to discuss the services that we can provide.