Joinery shredding wood with efficient tools

In many of our previous blogs, we have extensively covered the different types of bespoke joinery in Derby. The types of joinery include the ever popular external wooden door, Accoya windows, wooden conservatories and kitchens to name just a few. 

While it is not unusual for us to highlight these excellent forms of joinery; after all these are our core offerings, timber offers the opportunity to make many unique and special bespoke products. 

When it comes to timber, the possibilities really are endless. Timber can be filled and shaped into many unique and special forms. Let’s take a look at some of the most unusual and diverse ways timber is used for bespoke joinery. 

Wooden Business Holder

A common dilemma of any well established business person is where to store their business card. While they might always keep a few spare cards tucked away in their wallet or purse, the daily storage in the office raises multiple questions. 

Luckily, you make a wooden business card holder to help organise and file your over abundance of corporate related cards. 

This unique wooden product can be made by intricately cutting slats into a piece of triangular timber. Whilst there might not be a major requirement for this form of bespoke joinery in derby; it is a fascinating way to use wood. 

Wooden Baby Gym 

If you are expecting or already have a little one, might want to give this fun bit of DIY timber a try.

A baby gym is not a literal gym for your young child but a distinctive toy for them to play with. All that is required is a couple of pieces of wood which need to be formed into a climbing frame style support. From this, various toys can be attached for your baby to play with. 


A much cheaper alternative to standard metal or gold jewellery; you can actually make different kinds of bespoke jewellery using wood. 

You can make earrings, admittedly they can be rather heavy, or decorations for your necklace. 

Wooden Drink Coasters

Drink coasters are always a helpful product to have to hand. Without drinks holders, you can actually potentially stain the finishing’s of your wooden kitchen or counter side. 

Making a drink coaster out of timber is largely incredibly easy. You can simply cut a small rectangular piece out of the wood, file down the edges, furnish the wood and you should be done. 

Contact Us About Bespoke Joinery

Whilst it has been a nice change and very amusing to look at these different bespoke wooden products; most of these are wooden products in general should be made by professionals. 

If you require bespoke joinery in derby or surrounding areas, please get in touch with us. We offer a fantastic range of high quality products including many bespoke products built using Accoya timber.