Additional Services

Pre-hanging of doors โ€“ Traditionally, site joiners would hang the doors on site, but the machining needed for modern multi-point locks is too complex for site equipment, so we are asked increasingly often to supply doors pre-hung in the frame with the clientโ€™s choice of locking mechanism and furniture. Also, with the increasing demand for factory spray finished products, it is essential to machine for the hinges fittings before spraying.

Factory Spray Finishing – In addition to reducing time on site, factory spray finishing ensures that all surfaces of the timber are fully protected before installation and glazing, giving the completed products the best possible start. We have our own in-house spray facilities to enable us to control production and quality. For this we apply a minimum of three coats and only use products that are tried and tested for the purpose. We can finish in any opaque colour of your choice or a selection of stain finishes.

Glass and Factory Glazing โ€“ Although the supply of glass is optional, we find that most of our customers prefer us to do so and we are happy to supply glazing to a specification appropriate to the project. Factory glazing is available and can save time on site, but in some circumstances consideration should be given to the possibility that this might interfere with the fixing of frames or create logistical, safety or handling issues. We would discuss this in detail with the client or contractor prior to manufacture.

Site Fitting โ€“ We do not offer a site fitting service because we prefer to specialise in what we do best โ€“ manufacturing.We have list of contractors who we would trust to fit our products and we are happy make suggestions on request.

Site Survey โ€“ we are happy to site survey prior to manufacture to ensure that the finished products are manufactured correctly.