Choose a design from our std range of “A” rated windows made to measure!

All of Brinard Joinery‘s STD ‘A’ Rated eco-secure windows are manufactured here in our factory in Derbyshire, using the latest Leitz window tooling so every window is perfect!

Why Choose Accoya Windows?

Through decades of research and development, Accoya manufacturing has resulted in a wood modification technique known as acetylation. This process alters the actual cell structure of the wood that results in a material that is incredibly durable. Accoya windows and doors are guaranteed to last up to 50 years, as the wood forms a barrier to insect attacks by making it indigestible.
Accoya is rated as Class One for durability, making it the very best material on the market today with swelling and shrinking reduced by 75%, meaning your windows and doors will easily open all year round no matter what the weather forecast is.

Accoya is both non-toxic and 100% recyclable meaning it can be safely reused or incinerated while the wood is sourced sustainably from FSC, PEFC and other regionally certified woods. Accoya uses fast-growing radiata pine trees, meaning there is no threat to old-growth or other vulnerable forests. You will also save money on your energy bills as Accoya windows and doors are naturally insulating wood that will keep heating costs down throughout the year.

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