We offer a Finishing system for all our products


Translucent   finishing a range of colours
A typical finishing system consists of
  1 coat  preserve (available in  wood stain colours) Aqua Primer 2900
A water borne timber treatment which protects againsed rot and fungal attack
  2 coats Aquatop 2600 translucent top coat
A translucent topcoat  withhybrid-microporous polymer technology which allows the timber to breathe and protects against the elements
Opaque finishing (any colour)
A typical finishing system consists of
  1 coat preserve Teknol Aqua 1410
  1 coat  prime  Aqua Primer 3130 or Anti Stain Aqua 2901
A waterborne white primer which blocks and locks-in extractive staining
  2 coats  colour  Aquatop 2600
A waterborne weather resistant topcoat with an ultra- smooth finish
Brush applied maintenance paints are also available in the same range of colours
All finishes require regular inspection and maintenance if required to 
give a long life. Please see maintenance guide.

Maintenance of products

Timber is a natural substance which shrinks and swells with changing humidity which in turn stretches the surface coating and in some areas may cause the coating to tear, if this happens moisture will get in and cause even more damage. This is why it is very important to carry out regular maintenance checks and re-seal any damaged areas as soon as possible.
Coated surfaces require regular maintenance and cleaning at least annually to remove surface pollution. Some ‘chalking’ of the finish may occur over time due to natural erosion of the microporous paint film. This does not detract from the systems protective performance.
On occasion timber products may exude resin after installation. Typically, if resin is present this ‘bleeding’ cannot be prevented.
Discolouration can occur which will require attention and maintenance to retain the aesthetics and integrity of the coating. Resin exudation is excluded from our performance guarantee.
Exposure conditions can vary significantly according to location. South facing elevations and coastal sites will reduce to some extent the finish life to first maintenance. Our guarantees are intended to cover reasonable average UK conditions.
At annual intervals or more frequently if necessary, inspect and lubricate all ironmongery, hinges, pivoting and sliding parts. Friction hinges must not be oiled or greased.
Inspect the condition of the decorative and glazing systems on all external joinery at maximum intervals of one year and carry out remedial work as required.

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