Window Hinges from Brinard Joinery

Brinard Joinery offers a wide range of window hinges, to fit different sizes of windows in all kinds of properties.

Here is your four-step guide to measuring window hinges –

  1. Identify whether the window is top hung or side hung – If a window is on the left-hand side of side a side hung window, the window will pivot out from the side of the frame.
    Alternatively, a window on the right-hand side is an example of a top hung window, with the window pivoting out from the top of the frame. 
  2. Measure the length of the hinge – You can measure the length of the hinge by measuring the part that attaches to the window frame. You may find that you are unable to find an exact match to your window hinge measurement, and if this is the case we would recommend purchasing the closest match you are able to find.
  3. Measure the width of the hinge – Measure the width of the hinge where it attaches to the window frame, with standard width from 17-18mm. Hinges that are 15-16mm wide are classed as ‘slimline’.
  4. Measure Stack Height – The final measurement you will need is the stack height; the easiest way to measure this is to open the window just wide enough to slot a ruler between the window and the frame. Put the ruler against the frame and estimate the distance to the bottom of the window itself. Hinges come in two stack heights (13mm and 17mm), so you should be able to judge the best size for your window from this estimation.

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