Period property windows in a stately

Whether you are looking to invest in a character home that needs a touch or modernisation, or you currently have a character home, and are unsure where to turn to help keep those key features that give your home its distinctive character, look no further than bespoke joinery.

Keeping that character

When you look at modernising a character home, one of the biggest concerns is losing all the distinctive features that give the home its initial appeal. Whether it’s those perfectly imperfect wooden windows, that old, large wooden porch, or even the sturdy-looking front door, you might be finding it hard to find something in store that lives up to the standards of the original. The beauty of bespoke joinery is having the chance to recreate all these features, just as they would have looked when they were new.
While we love to create new and interesting designs, our team loves the challenge of perfectly recreating features as they would have looked when they were originally fitted to your property. However, we might be recreating these features, with one key difference. Increased energy efficiency. If your old wooden windows are a touch breezy, we won’t be giving you that same feature! We will ensure that they are as energy-efficient as possible.

Types of character properties

There are several different types of character properties, each with its own identifying features. To ensure that you are in keeping with the right style when looking to modernise, we’ve pulled together a few features to help you identify your style of property:

  • Gothic – pointed spires, arches, verticality
  • Tudor – diamonds, triangles, arches
  • Jacobean – rich, elaborate, ornamental
  • Georgian- solid square and symmetrical
  • Art Deco – geometric, glamorous, clean lines

Each of these properties can have an assortment of bespoke joinery work undertaken to help restore them to their former glory.

Give your modern home a character look

While there are a number of appealing features to purchasing a new build home, such as an increased level of economic features, deals on mortgages and the chance to do what you want to it. Not everyone finds a new build as attractive as a period property. However, you can help your new build, or even just an older standard home, to look a little more like a character property by adding some key design elements. As we mentioned some of the key design elements above, you can meet with a member of our design team to look into how your home currently looks, and the features we can incorporate to give you the look you desire. Perhaps a tall, pointed porch leading to a large wooden front door, or some cottage style windows and a stable style front door?
When it comes to making a newer property look different with bespoke features, the world is your oyster, as long as you have the imagination.

For more information on modernising your character property, or giving your new home its own bit of character get in touch with a member of our expert team today who will be happy to assist you.