Eagle eye view of wooden staircase

Bespoke joinery in Derbyshire offers many interesting products and customisable opportunities. A product that can sometimes be overlooked is the traditional wooden staircase.  

Wooden staircases usually carry connotations of grandeur whilst simultaneously providing your home with a classical and elegant feel. However, if your staircase is not properly maintained, then the staircase will not resemble the structural integrity of a fantastically kept older house but instead present a hollow attempt at a classical stairway. 

At Brinard Joinery, we pride ourselves on offering you the best possible maintenance tips. So let’s take a look at some of the best tips and tricks for effective wooden staircase maintenance. 

Polishing is Key

Like most wooden products, polishing is one of the most effective ways to ensure they are looking in the best shape possible. 

Wooden floors and staircases do not normally need cleaning as say a carpet. Because of the nature of the carpet, dirt and other bacteria can stick to the surface requiring recommended daily cleaning such as hoovering. Wooden surfaces do not hold these unwelcome guests as easily. 

Because of this, there is a common misconception that the surface does not need regular maintenance. Depending on the traffic coming through the area, your floor should still be cleaned with a wooden floor polish and a dry mop every 1 or 2 weeks. If the area sees a lot of heavy duty use (such as big heavy dirty boots trampling all over it) you might want to clean it once or twice a week. 

Do Not Let Spillages Set In

It should be common practice to clean up any spillages as soon as they happen. But this rings especially true for wooden floors. 

If parts of the stairs are damp or moist, it can remove the finish of the stairs. This is not mutually exclusive to typical drink spillages. Potential stains can start from as little water from your wet shoes. 

Avoid Sharp Edges and Other Harmful Materials

Unlike your carpet, you will not want to run a hover over wooden stairs as this could potentially scratch the finish and leave a nasty mark. Similarly, you will do well not to leave heavy furniture unprotected on the stair as you will have the same result. 

Deal With Dents

From time to time, accidents do unfortunately happen. Whether it is dropping sharply pointed box or slightly weakened heel digging into the finish, dents can occur at any time. 

A handy way to deal with dents that might occur is to enact a technique known as blushing. The technique involves dabbing the effective area with a water cloth. Leave the cloth over the dent and allow the water to soak in. When you apply heat to spot, the wood should expand and fill the recently vacated area. 

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