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Long gone are the days where conservatories are only used at certain times of the year. More and more people are now able to use them all year round without the worry of frostbite in the winter and heatstroke in the summer. So why not consider adding a new conservatory to your homemade out of Accoya wood.

Year-Round Comfort

In years gone by, conservatories have been known to be open to the elements. Whether they were made from wood, uPVC or even aluminium, and even if they were double glazed. However, modern technology and advancements now mean that your conservatory can be kept at a more comfortable temperature all year round.
The wood that we use for our conservatories is as energy efficient as it could be. Unlike woods that have previously been considered inefficient. We combine this with a minimum of double glazing, and in most cases, triple glazing is available to ensure the most up to date products are used.
The combinations of wood and glazing that we use help to ensure that the UV rays from the sun are reduced, helping to keep the conservatory cooler in the summer, but they also retain the heat in the winter.
As more and more people are using their conservatory as an extension of their homes, when we look at designing yours, we want it to be as much a part of your home as possible. In many cases, this now includes incorporating some form of heating system into the design. From your household central heating system to underfloor heating or even just electric heaters, depending on the use of the space and your budget.

Perfect Time Of Year

When we are looking at installing a new conservatory on your home, we like to consider the time of year in the installation. Installing your new conservatory in the dead of winter is possible, but bad weather can delay progress, and you may have a bit of a draft while work is undertaken. In the height of summer, we know that many of our customers like to sit outside and enjoy the summer sun, no one wants to do this on a building site! If you are looking to get your conservatory done in summer, that’s great, our installation team gets to top up their tans! But you might lose some of the peace of summer.

Accoya Wood

Accoya wood is a highly sustainable, modified wood that boasts an average lifespan (above water/ground) of 50 years. The process that this wood goes through helps to ensure that it is highly durable while retaining the attractive feature of the natural redwoods that are used.
We have chosen to use Accoya wood to ensure that our customers are able to enjoy their conservatories for many years to come without concern over deterioration.

If you are interested in investing in a new timber conservatory, please get in touch with an expert member of our team who will be happy to talk you through the design and installation process and help to answer any questions that you may have. Remember to check back to our blogs regularly for more ideas and information on how the team at Brinard Joinery can help you to incorporate bespoke joinery into your home.