Ironmongery complimenting your external wooden door

When it comes to your external wooden door, decorating the door with ironmongery might not be the first thing to come to mind. However, you might want to reconsider this. 

To clarify, ironmongery details the exact and intricate manufacturing of various iron goods.  At Brinard Joinery, we offer a wide range of ironmongery that we feel never gets the admiration and attention it deserves. 

Fine and classical ironmongery has been littered throughout popular culture. From Scrooge’s famous golden door knocker to Harry Potter’s silver steel letter box, quality ironmongery has always been showcased, we have just never truly noticed it. 

So if you are looking for ways to spice up your external wooden door in Derby, why don’t  you check out some of our unique and quality offerings of ironmongery. 

Reasons to Choose Ironmongery

Before we examine the different options available when it comes to ironmongery, we might want to highlight some of the reasons you should choose ironmongery.

Some of the main reasons to decorate your wooden door with ironmongery include:

  • Being unique- adding a bespoke letterbox or custom made door knocker is a fantastic way of making your door quite unique. 
  • Authentic feelif your door sports some ironmongery, the door or window will showcase a more traditional and authentic look. 
  • Aestheticwhilst this one might seem like a no-brainer, ironmongery can appear quite pleasing to the naked eye. 
  • Functional- items such as door knockers, letter boxes and door handles give your door a sense of functionality. 
  • Customisationcustomisation is a key selling point for many customers at the moment. Arguably, one of the best ways to customise your wooden door or window is implementing some form of specialist iron manufacturing. 

Door Knockers

As previously touched upon, we offer a fantastic range of door knockers which are an excellent addition for external wooden doors. 

Our designs range from more contemporary editions such as oblong simplistic silver knockers to more traditional designs such as a circular black iron knocker.

Building on the theme of customisation, we offer an incredible range of finishing’s and colours. From Antique Blacks to Hardex Chrome, to simply white, we are sure we have a finishing that will fit your requirements. 

Letter Boxes

Some people say that the art of letter writing is dying; however, if you have ever totalled up the amount of letters you receive on a weekly basis; you would be surprised how many letters are still sent regularly. In fact, in 2021 Statica highlighted that 7.8 billion addressed letters were sent alone. 

If you are considering bespoke joinery in Sheffield; you might not consider what letterbox you need but as you can see from these statistics, ensuring you have a functional and stylish letterbox is of paramount importance. 

So next time you are considering a new wooden door, why don’t you buy one of our stylish and contemporary letter boxes, you will surely be the envy of all the postmen. 

Door Handles and Knobs

Door handles and knobs have come a long way since being just mere mechanisms to allow you to open your door. 

We would like to highlight a few of our products and their key features: 

  • The Balmoral Door Handle- This door handle is designed to perfectly fit Fab & Fix products. It has a solid die cast Zinc construction for a sturdy feel as well as a long base plate to suit most locks. 
  • The Heritage Door Handle- Similarly, the Heritage door handle perfectly fits the Fab & Fix product portfolio. The Handle also has an ergonomic contemporary lever to allow for grip and smooth action. 
  • The Lever Handle 2461- This door handle has a unique distinction of being easily compatible with PVC doors. This is because of the unsprung design with a Euro 3 way locking system. 
  • Fleur-De-Lys Lever Handle- This classical design door handle was inspired by the lily flower. Similarly to the Lever Handle 2461; due to the nature of it’s design it is perfect for use on PVC doors.

We hope we have wet your appetite for different door handles and knobs available to you. 

Window Ironmongery

Your wooden door is not the only bit of bespoke joinery that could benefit from ironmongery. Your wooden windows can too. 

At Brinard Joinery, we offer high quality window hinges and fittings which can be tailored to fit your detailed and specific needs.

Before we undertake any potentially you will need to detail certain information such as if the window is top or side hung and the measure stack height. If you do have any problems regarding these measures; be sure to contact one of our specialist team members who will be able to help you. 

Contact Us 

If you have any questions regarding ironmongery for your wooden door or window, be sure to contact us. 

Additionally, why don’t you check out our diverse ranges of products. Our products include; our famous Accoya doors and windows and of course our ‘A’ rated windows.