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Secured by Design (SBD) is an initiative that is owned by the UK police force with the main purpose of reducing or eliminating property crime throughout the UK.

Why did secured by design start?

The Secured by Design initiative was brought into play to ensure that suppliers for the likes of doors windows and fencing had an outline accreditation to say that they have been approved for the security of the product. In this case, approved by the police.
This accreditation means that the products they are producing/selling are suitable to withstand reasonable force to ensure the security of a property, whether it be private, retail or business.

What do the stats look like?

Since the initiative came to life in 1989 there has been a number of changes in the crime rates where SBD approved fixtures are fitted. Here are some of the changes that SBD boast on their website.

  • More than one million homes built to SBD standards over the last 30 years
  • Crime reductions sustainable each year and every year: that’s significant because most SBD homes are social housing, mostly in deprived and higher crime areas
  • Worked with police forces to reduce the number of false alarm calls to police from 1,052,538 in 1996 to 124,164 in 2017
  • Crime reductions of up to 87% on new developments (2017) and 61% in major refurbishment projects (2009)
  • Since 1989, there has been an overall reduction in property crime of 60%
  • Iconic sites include the 2012 London Olympics site, the 2014 Commonwealth Games Village, Wembley Stadium, the National Stadium of Wales and the Scottish & Welsh Assembly Buildings

How does Brinard Joinery comply?

Here at Brinard Joinery, we ensure that each of the timber doors and windows that we manufacture for our customers are compliant with the SBD guidance, from design through to testing.

For more information on the Secured by Design initiative, you can visit their website. Alternatively, to see how our products comply or to discuss your project please contact a member of our expert team today.