A delightful, fully equipped wooden kitchen

Bespoke joinery in Leicestershire, Derby and just about any location for that matter, can take just about any form. From wooden garden furniture to fabulously shaped specialist accoya windows, we have stated before, when it comes to bespoke joinery, the possibilities are endless. 

One form of bespoke joinery that perhaps does not garner as much attention as others is the humble wooden kitchen. Different kinds of wood can be used throughout your kitchen and they can be used in many different ways. Whether you want to use long lasting wood such as hardwood or whether you would prefer to use our fantastic accoya timber, there really are a lot of ways you can use wood in your kitchen. 

Wood can be used for your kitchen cabinets as well as for the majority of your kitchen sides, to provide just a few excellent examples. 

This being said, some people are initially sceptical about getting a wooden kitchen, and to be honest, we don’t really understand why this is the case. As such, let’s look at some of the many reasons to choose a wooden kitchen.  

Environmentally Friendly

When it comes to material for bespoke joinery, there is little doubt that wood is one of the most environmentally friendly materials on offer. Just how long the wood will last and how energy efficient the material is depends entirely on the wood in question and where it comes from. 

Accoya timber is an excellent example a wood which is undeniably long lasting and energy efficient. In many of our previous blogs, we have touched on how accoya wood can last for a significant long duration of time, how the wood is incredibly environmentally friendly and how they are impressively efficient.   

Pure Aesthetics

Anyone who has ever looked at a wooden kitchen will not deny that they are pleasing to the eye. Wooden cabinets look sleek and stylish. In addition to this, wooden cabinets can promote a feeling of warmth and richness. To summarise, wooden kitchens are overall aesthetically pleasing. 


As previously alluded to, when you have high quality wood, the material has incredible durability. Especially when compared to other commonly used industry materials such as PVC. For example, if you have accoya windows or doors, they can last up to 90 years. In addition to this, wooden cabinet sides are also decidedly low maintenance compared to cabinets made from other materials. 

Diverse and Strong 

When it comes to wooden products and wooden kitchens, there is no literal one size fits all. Wooden kitchens can be just about anything and just about colour. Because of this, wood in your kitchen has to be undeniably strong and sturdy. 

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