Garden Conservatory for Your Garden

With the warmer weather on the rise and summer fast approaching, now might be the perfect time for you to consider adding a garden conservatory to your home. From providing extra space to creating a relaxing area to put your feet up, conservatories are the ideal addition to any property. Take a look at our reasons why you should consider a conservatory for your home.

Letting in Natural light 

If you feel like you’re not getting much sunshine in your home, then why not invite it in with a garden conservatory? The abundance of natural light that will shine through your conservatory will not only transform the feel of your home but also comes with many added benefits for your health and your family. Natural light can stimulate productivity and boost mood, which is ideal if you work from home or if your children study at home. The main goal of your garden conservatory may simply be to create a space to relax, this comes with many benefits such as increasing the amount of vitamin D you get from the sun. It can also help to promote mental wellness as well as sleep regulation.

Provides Energy Efficiency

With the cost of living crisis, every penny counts. We aim to create energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly garden conservatories.  You’ll be glad to hear of the benefits that a conservatory will add to your home when it comes to energy efficiency. 

The natural light that will flood into your home through your conservatory can help you to save money by relying less on lights, thereby reducing your electricity usage. You may also find yourself reaching to turn up the heating less as the sunlight that beams through the glass of a conservatory will naturally heat up a room, creating a cosy warmth. 

Bringing the Outside In

Adding a conservatory to your home gives you the best of both worlds! Conservatories offer the comfort and cosiness of indoor living, whilst offering you the view of the natural beauty and the peacefulness of your garden all year round. You can even enjoy an outdoor environment even if it’s pouring with rain – a conservatory means you can still enjoy your garden whilst relaxing and staying dry!

Offers More Living Space 

If you are finding yourself wishing for more space within your home, then a conservatory may be the right choice for you. At its core, a conservatory is a home extension which creates more usable and flexible space in your home. There are endless ways you could decide to use this space including a relaxing hideaway, home office or dining room to name a few. To top this off, conservatories often don’t come with complicated planning permission – this makes them a much easier and cheaper option than having to sell up and move house to obtain the extra space needed. This can be a great choice if you have a growing family and need extra breathing room in your busy home! Whether you wish to use your garden conservatory as a living area, dining area or sanctuary, it can be a space that is enjoyed by all the family.

Increases the Value of Your Home 

While you may not be thinking of selling your home anytime soon, it can be a factor to consider how the improvement will affect the value of your home in years to come. Since you never know what the future may bring, it can be reassuring to know that you will get some return on your investment if you do decide to sell up. Adding a garden conservatory to your home can increase the value of the property whilst also making it stand out and look more attractive to potential buyers, in the event that you decide to sell your property. 

Interested In Your Own Garden Conservatory?

Here at Brinard Joinery, we have over 30 years of experience, so you can trust that you are in safe hands. If you have been considering whether a garden conservatory is the right fit for your home then get in touch to chat with our friendly and expert team. We can offer guidance as well as a no-obligation quote. Alternatively, you can simply pop down to our showroom in Somercotes to meet our team and have a look at what we can offer – although we can tailor your garden conservatory to your liking and requirements. This means we can customise your garden conservatory to perfectly complement your existing property, whether it be a traditional or modern-style home. So why not come along and get inspired?