A rated windows opening up to reveal a summer's day

With the UK having delved into a heatwave after heatwave this summer, we all know that the interior of our homes gets just as hot, if not hotter than outside.

Why Do Windows Heat Our Homes?

When the sun is beating down on your windows, you find that the room will gradually get hotter and hotter. This is due to the glass focusing the sun’s rays, and turning your room into a glass oven. Consider it the greenhouse effect.

Will A-Rated Windows Make A Difference?

When it comes to preventing the sun’s UV rays from heating up your home, there is actually very little difference that will be made, no matter how good your windows are.
In double and triple glazing, there are pockets of air trapped between each pane of glass. In the winter, this helps to keep the panes apart, thus trapping the heat inside the room. However, in the summer, this heats up with the sun’s rays, meaning each pane gets hotter, thus resulting in your room heating up too.

How Can I Keep The Room Cooler?

A great way to keep the room cooler is to reduce the sun in the room. While this might seem like you are wasting the wonderful sunny views that are usually rare in this country, it could also be the best way to keep your space bearable.
Here at Brinard Joinery, we love a bespoke challenge. This includes creating shutters for the sun-facing windows in your home. Shutters help to reduce the impact the sun has on your home, while also offering an attractive alternative to curtains and blinds.

Matching Frames And Shutters

The best way to keep your home cooler when investing in new windows is to invest in windows with matching shutters attached. This allows the team at Brinard Joinery to create bespoke pieces together that perfectly fit and suit your home.
By investing in the set together, we can further ensure that they are designed and developed to work perfectly together, and match in every single way.

For more information on investing in shutters to help keep your home cooler in summer, please get in touch with a member of the team today who will be happy to assist you. You can also check back to our blogs regularly for more ideas on how we can help around your home.