Accoya Doors

Accoya doors are the only choice when looking to add a touch of proven quality to your home or property. Here we will look at how the doors are developed at Brinard Joinery and why you won’t get a better style on the market.

Accoya Doors are Developed to Last

Every one of the Accoya doors manufactured from Brinard Joinery, have gone through a wood modification process known as acetylation. This is indigestible to insects as it forms a barrier against attacks. The actual cell structure of the wood is altered resulting in doors and windows that are guaranteed to last 50 years. This is also a more environmentally conscious alternative to pressure treatment, where harmful preservatives such as ammoniacal copper quaternary compounds are infused into the wood.

Accoya Doors are Grade A Quality

Accoya doors have been graded A Rated, making them the highest quality of timber on the market, with the added feature of swelling and shrinking reduced by 75%. Doors from Brinard Joinery are also environmentally conscious as the Accoya timber is both non-toxic and 100% recyclable, making it safe to incinerate or safely reuse.

This type of door will also save you money on your energy bills throughout the year and changing temperatures; as they are made from naturally insulated timber.

Once installed Accoya doors require very little maintenance with coatings lasting twice as long as your average door, with their natural look suitable for almost any style of property.

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