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If you are currently renovating your first home or want to upgrade your existing window frames, there are many options to choose from. Wooden windows are popular, timeless and add charm to your home. Two of the most common species of wood used in woodwork are Accoya wood and traditional wood such as oak and ash. 

The real question is – should you choose Accoya or traditional windows? As a bespoke joinery who specialise in windows, we are often asked ‘is Accoya wood better than traditional wood?’ In this news article, we will look at the properties of both to determine which one is right for you and your home.


If you have not heard of Accoya wood before, it is known as the world’s leading high technology wood. The number one reason why homeowners choose Accoya windows is due to their durability. In fact, Accoya wood is guaranteed to have an impressive lifespan of 60 years or longer when used in external applications. On the other hand, traditional wood (also referred to as hardwood) also has great durability, but has a lifespan of around 50 years. This means Accoya windows tend to last longer than traditional wood windows with proper care and maintenance.


When Accoya wood is processed, it goes through a chemical treatment called acetylation which increases the durability of the wood and makes it rot-proof and insect-resistant. Traditional wood does not go through this process and it is often left untreated for aesthetic purposes. Therefore, it is more susceptible to warping, rotting and swelling. Accoya wood does not warp, shrink or swell, even during unpredictable weather, making it the more stable option.


Both Accoya and traditional wood offer similar levels of aesthetics. Because Accoya wood goes through the acetylation process, this can slightly alter its natural appearance. Traditional wood is known for its pure natural beauty, rich hues and unique grain patterns. Many homeowners prefer the appearance of traditional wood windows, however, there is little difference to the eye and both materials can be coated with suitable paints and stains to achieve the desired look.


Wooden window frames are known for their low-maintenance properties. Unlike traditional wood, Accoya wood is treated, therefore tends to be less maintenance. In saying that, any wooden window frame should be regularly inspected for damage or imperfections and regularly cleaned with water and a cloth or a stiff brush. If any paint is flaking or peeling, it should be removed with sandpaper, primed and repainted to maintain its appearance.


In terms of price, Accoya and traditional wood such as oak are not the cheapest options for windows on the market. However, wooden windows are a home investment. Accoya wood tends to be slightly higher on price, but for the many benefits it offers, it is completely worth it. Traditional wood offers great benefits too, but it may need to be fixed if the wood starts to warp, rot or swell, leading to higher maintenance costs.


Accoya wood is non-toxic and sourced from sustainably-managed, certified forests including FSC, PEFC, and other regional forests. We are unaware if traditional wood is sourced from sustainable or unsustainable forests – unless stated by the manufacturer. This makes Accoya wood far more trustworthy. Both Accoya and traditional wood also have a natural insulating ability, however it is significantly higher in Accoya wood. This means you can save more money on your energy bills.

Bespoke Accoya Windows In Derbyshire 

The decision of whether Accoya or traditional windows is right for you depends on your personal preferences and values. If durability or sustainability is important to you, then Accoya is the far better option. However, if price is the main factor, traditional windows may have a lower initial cost. With that said, Accoya windows may be the more cost-effective option in the long term. 

If you are based in Derbyshire, Brinard Joinery is one of the leading suppliers of bespoke Accoya windows in the area. With over 30 years experience, we have built a reputation for aesthetically-pleasing and long-lasting Accoya windows. Not only do we supply Accoya windows, but also doors. For more information, read our FAQs page and our guide on Accoya windows and doors. To discover our excellent workmanship and see what we have to offer, visit our Derbyshire showroom in Alfreton. Otherwise, please feel free to contact us for quotations or other enquiries.