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Here at Brinard, our expert craftsmen have decades of experience in creating truly stunning bespoke windows and doors, and our material of choice is Accoya. Accoya windows and doors are the perfect option for homes and properties of all kinds, and they have a range of benefits. Decades of development has gone into creating Accoya for windows and doors, and it is an incredibly versatile material.


accoya windows and doors


Choose Brinard for Accoya Windows and Doors this Spring


Spring is the ideal time of year to make improvements to your home; it’s not too cold, and you can enjoy your finished projects over the hotter summer months. This spring, if you have been looking to update your home, choose Accoya windows and doors.
Accoya wood windows and doors are known to have a range of fantastic benefits. For example, the acetylation process used to treat the timber makes it indigestible to insects, so can help keep your home pest-free.
Furthermore, the treatment process makes the wood highly resistant to damp and mould and there’s no need to treat the surface of your Accoya windows and doors. Due to its improved stability, you’ll find that any coatings you apply to your Accoya windows and doors will last much longer too.
The timber selected for Accoya wood is from sustainable sources; as well as this, Accoya windows and doors are guaranteed to last at least 50 years. This means that when you choose Brinard to fir your Accoya windows and doors, you’re making a truly eco-friendly and cost effective choice.


Discuss Your New Accoya Windows and Doors Today


If you’re interested in having some gorgeous Accoya windows and doors made bespoke for your home, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our expert teams are always happy to discuss your requirements and can design and create the perfect Accoya wood windows and doors for you.