House for sale sign in front of a home

In times gone by, when we saw a house with wooden windows on the market, we either factored in the need for some modernisation, or continued our search for a ready to move in property. However, gone are the days that wooden windows would decrease the value of your home, and we welcome the age of good quality, bespoke wooden windows not only adding to the appearance of your home, but also to the value of it.

Energy Efficiency

A common misconception of wooden windows is that they can be somewhat draughty, allow moisture into your home and are only available as single pane features. We are here to bust that myth. We understand where these views originate, as previously, in older houses and buildings, wooden windows were only single pane. This single pane would have been the reason that they were considered a cold style of window and therefore draughty. You may also find that older wooden windows had not been treated efficiently for the weather conditions, allowing them to become open to rot and decay.
However, with the advancement in modern technology, we can entirely ensure that every wooden window that is designed, built and fitted by the team here at Brinard Joinery will be a minimum of A-rated and available in up to triple glazing (check back with us as modern advances are made here!).
As for the treatment of the wood that we use on our windows and doors, no more concerns on keeping up regular treatment to ensure the lifespan of your windows. We use Accoya wood, which has a lifespan of up to 30 years underwater! This means that your window frames, which won’t be sat permanently underwater, can last up to 60 years. You never know they might not offer triple glazing then, it might be a whole new style of glass.

The main design

In recent years we have seen an increase in other styles of windows and doors being created to look like they are wooden. While we love that people are coming back around to loving the beauty of wood, why not invest in the real thing. Good quality wooden windows and doors should be second to none if that’s the look you are desiring.
The wonderful thing about bespoke wooden windows is that not only can we make them fit and suitable for any style of home, we can make them exactly how you want them. Unique styles and designs are loved by both those who have had them designed and created and those who are looking for a new home, with a little something different added on.

Bespoke Doors

We can’t discuss the added value of bespoke windows without including the bespoke doors. Whether you are looking for the perfect front door to match your new windows, or a set of bespoke patio doors that make your garden feel like part of the home, we can create a perfect match to your home, your style and your new windows.

If you have moved into a home where you already have wooden doors or windows, and are looking for the other to match, we can get our design team to create the ideal match, to tie your whole property into one, seamless design.

Here at Brinard Joinery, we are glad to see that the investment in high-quality wooden windows are now increasing the value of your home. We know that this means that more people are beginning to see the true beauty of using wood both inside and outside their homes, and what better way to make it unique, than by investing in bespoke joinery. Contact a member of our friendly team today to discuss your next project.