Girl applying a spray finish to an external wooden door

If you have an external wooden door at the front of your home; the chances are you have contemplated a spray finish on more than one occasion. Why would you not? Spray finishing’s are a fantastic way to give your external wooden door that bit of something extra. 

At Brinard Joinery, your highly regarded provider of bespoke joinery in Derby, we offer unique and special spray finishing’s offerings. From beautifully dark browns, to crystal clear whites; we have an ever expanding plethora of colours available. 

Applying a spray finish is not as straightforward or as simple as it may at first seem. There are many things you need to consider, especially regarding ensuring the quality of the finish and overall safety concerns. As such, it is recommended that you leave the actual procedure to a professional. 

So we will look at some of the things you should look out for when applying a spray finish for a wooden door. 

Applying A Finish To External Products Are Different

When it comes to applying a spray finish to your external wooden door, you must remember that the wood is on the exterior of your home so this will be slightly different. As you might have guessed; when the wood is facing the outside, the material is very much exposed to the elements. 

As such, you should take great care to protect the material from harsh and unforgiving conditions. For a full breakdown of our guidance for painting and treating exterior wood, please check out our full guidelines. 

There are multiple measures you can implement to do this. One such way is by having a protecting cover installed just above your door. This handy little extension not only protects you from getting wet but it also protects your wooden door. The small overhangs are surprisingly effective and a great way to shelter your timber door. 

Arguably the most used form of protection is to seal the door. When it comes to sealing your outside door, it is highly recommended that you use a sealant which is approved by a professional and furthermore; to be on the safe side, a professional should perform the procedure. 

Benefits Of A Spray Finish

There are many arguments to be had for having a spray finish compared to just traditional paints. Some of these include: 

  • Spraying is fast– One clear advantage spraying has over traditional painting is that it is much quicker. The fact that the paint comes out of a gun very quickly highlights the drastic difference in speed. 
  • Spray finishing is efficient- because of the aforementioned speed, you might be forgiven for thinking that spraying is not as effective or efficient. However, this is not the case at all. Spraying your wood is just as if not more effective than painting your timber normally.  
  • You have greater control- when it comes to any kind of DIY job, having greater control is always a benefit. Luckily, spraying gives you greater control of how and when you can apply the finish. You can control the thickness of the coat by adjusting the air pressure and just the overall application. 
  • It is easy- although all of this might sound complicated but the actual process of spraying your timber is very easy. 
  • Versatility- the levels of versatility and customisation on offer when it comes to spray finishing is unparalleled. You can use the spray to get to all of those hard to reach and hard to paint places. 
  • Spraying is forgiving- as a spray finish is built up in thin layers, this makes any blemishes much easier to cover up. 

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