Bespoke Garden Furniture

With summer now closer than ever; temperatures will soon be skyrocketing, the smell of recently sparked barbecues will be filling the air and more and more people will be vacating to their gardens. 

With the increased time in the garden also comes the inevitable feeling of garden furniture inadequacy. You might have recently visited a family member or friend’s garden and found that their wooden garden furniture is, not just of an exceptionally high quality, but extremely pleasing to the eye as well. 

If this happens to be you, we might have just the solution. In addition to the great quality bespoke joinery services we offer, which includes our beautiful timber windows in Derby, we also offer bespoke wooden garden furniture. 

So, we thought why not touch on some various forms of bespoke garden furniture you can implement to try so you can make all of your friends and family green with envy. 


A common feature of most modern, and more traditional ones for that matter, garden’s is the tried and trusted bench. Afterall, everyone needs somewhere to sit. 

While most garden owners simply view garden benches as a means to an end. That being that the bench is simply somewhere for people to sit down and relax in a expertly kept green environment ;if left to an expert craftsman, a garden bench can become something else entirely. 

Firstly, you could make your bench even more practical by drastically increasing its length enabling much more seating space for guests. It is not just the length you can increase. You could increase the backrest size which will in turn offer greater back support and allow for maximum comfort for the bench occupiers. 

It is not just the size you can change; if you wish, you could completely change the patterned structure. If the slats of the bench are going one way; you could change them to face the other way. Additionally, you can chose whatever colour you wanted to decorate your bench in. 

We hope this showcases that even something as seemingly simple as a garden bench can be constructed into a personalised garden furniture  masterpiece with bespoke joinery. 

Wooden Garden Swings 

When referring to garden swings, we aren’t referring to the stereotypical child’s garden swing. We are referring to the luxury chair that is usually held by a strong and firm frame. The frame and chain usually allow for the chair to levitate off the ground allowing for a gentle push which enables the swinging process. 

While swinging on the aforementioned garden chairs might not be as fun or as active as swinging on a child’s swing; it is unquestionably more relaxing and tranquil. You probably know of the functions of garden swing, but did you know that you can really spice up your swing with bespoke joinery. Aside from the fact that you can have your swing come in an array of colours; you can change its size along with drastically reforming the frame around the swing. 


Your garden furniture would not be finished without your table. Picture it now, all of your friends and family gathered around the new bespoke wooden garden table. An oblong furnished table that perfectly caters to all of your needs. There are many reasons to invest in a bespoke wooden garden table. Some of which include increased functionality such as allowing more people to sit at the table; as well as the finer detailing such as the expertly finished table legs. 

Accoya Timber  

If you are considering bespoke wooden garden furniture, you want to consider Accoya wood. The wood is extremely versatile and incredibly durable making it our preferred wood of choice for all bespoke matters. 

Accoya have a wide range of industry leading products such as their award winning Accoya windows and doors.