bespoke joinery - skirting boards

If you are considering a timber makeover of your home you may have already thought of having a wooden staircase, but have you considered new skirting boards?

Brinard Joinery offers a bespoke joinery service which includes the manufacturing of timber skirting and baseboards, designed to cover the lowest part of an interior wall.
Skirting boards cover the join between walls and floors plus they add a classy decorative touch to your living space and helps to protect the walls against kicks and scruffs that can be caused by moving any furniture. We can fix your timber skirting boards in place by either using screws or a strong adhesive glue.

Adding Architraves to Your Home

Another bespoke timber product we offer here at Brinard Joinery is architraves.
These are a common feature in most houses, offices and other buildings. Architraves are a strip of material that rounds off the wall and door. This is a common term for moulding and can be mistaken for door casing, door surround and door frame.

A detailed architrave will add a finishing touch to a room, but it has a bigger role to play in your home design than just being a pretty border. Beneath where the architrave is installed, there is a joint between the wall/ceiling casing around the door.
The purpose of the architrave for doors is to hide that joint and any of the following shrinkage and movement between the two. Similarly, when a skirting board is used to cover the weaker plaster at the base of the wall, the architrave acts as a trim where the walls meet the floors.

Bespoke Timber from Brinard Joinery

If you are looking for bespoke joinery products, then Brinard Joinery has everything you will need to transform the look of your home.
Got any questions about timber skirting boards or architraves? Please contact us today.