Accoya wood being chopped up out of forest

Here at Brinard Joinery, we only use the best materials. The material we select is always high-quality, extremely durable and sustainable. That’s why we choose to use fabulous Accoya wood.

We are committed to ensuring all of the materials we use are ethically and sustainably sourced. By using Accoya wood we can guarantee this, whilst passing the best possible products onto our customers. Accoya timber is 100% recyclable, non-toxic is spruced from PEFC, FSC and other regionally certified woods. All of this means that the material can safely be reused, is good for the environment and is of exceptionally high quality and versatility.

About Accoya wood

Accoya wood was launched all the way back in 2007. To this day, it is made by Accsys at their plant in Arnhem in the Netherlands. 

Accoya wood is the combination of decades of research. Many scientists spent years expertly crafting its design and technical make-up and the result is Accoya timber being at the forefront of sustainable wood technology. To make Accoya wood, the material starts off using softwood, before undergoing a treatment known as Acetylation, to bring it to the hardwood we use. This process ensures that the wood can last 50 years above ground and 25 years below ground or underwater.


Accoya are dedicated to using softwoods that are fast growing and abundantly available, such as Radiata Pine. The use of this type of wood ensures that the source is more sustainable than other options, such as oak, due to the quicker growth rate. By ensuring that sources are certified in sustainably managed forests and plantations (including FSC® certified woods), Accoya can reduce their impact on the environment as well as helping to fight the ever growing threat of climate change.


Use in joinery

The durability of Accoya wood makes it an excellent material for bespoke joinery. Its long lifespan allows this wood to be used indoors and outdoors without the risk of rot, making it an ideal material to use on our complete range, from kitchens to conservatories. Accoya timber is also commonly used to make windows, doors and other stylish bespoke joinery.

Brinard Joinery and Accoya Wood

Here at Brinard Joinery, our core values include ensuring that all of our products come from materials that are ethically sourced and sustainable. To put it simply, we choose to use Accoya wood as their values match ours. Not only do their values complement ours, but they also offer an amazing product. Durable hardwood that’s great to use indoors and out. We pride ourselves in our bespoke products and their lifespan and we couldn’t achieve this without our partnership with Accoya wood.

How can Accoya wood work for you?

Are you looking for a long-lasting kitchen? Or maybe a new wooden conservatory? We have a wide variety of bespoke products we can create to suit your home and your needs. Pop into our showroom or contact us to discuss how we can use Accoya wood in your home. 

If you have any questions at all, give us a call on 07791248007 or email us on, we look forward to hearing from you.