A rated timber windows

With the cold winter months upon us, make your home snug and comfortable with A rated timber windows from Brinard Joinery! With a wealth of expertise and knowledge in providing the best bespoke joinery to our customers, we are the leading supplier of A rated timber windows in the UK.
Let us help you transform your home this winter, and we promise you will not be disappointed with our remarkable workmanship.

Be amazed by our A Rated timber windows

We pride ourselves on supplying superior quality eco secure windows all over the country, and they have some impressive benefits. By having A rated timber windows installed, you will save money and reduce your environmental impact; not to mention they are made with truly stunning Accoya materials, which can be tailored to your style preferences.
We use an energy efficiency rating system approved by the government. A rated timber windows have the best rating for insulating homes, so you can get more for your money with us years after the windows have been installed!

The double glazing we use, along with the thickness of the timber, allow these windows to prevent heat loss so you can save money on heating bills – perfect during this time of year! They will also help to keep your home cool during the summer, so they are efficient all year round.

You will be getting the excellent value for money with our A rated timber windows for years to come. Due to the wood being indigestible to insects and resistant to moisture, these windows will last for an exceptional 50 years or more without moulding or insect damage!

Let us help you create your A Rated timber windows

Brinard Joinery care about providing the perfect A rated timber windows to every customer. Why not pop in to see us at our showroom in Derbyshire? We can have a chat about which designs will best suit your home and we can even give you a free quote! If you wish to contact us for more information, our friendly team will be happy to help you.