Eco Friendly Home made of bespoke wooden joinery

Sustainability and saving energy are hot topics at the moment. And so they should be! The planet is facing a whole range of environmental issues, many of which we have the power to change. From pollution to deforestation, the solution to slowing down the rate of climate change and other problems is to work together to live lives that are more eco-friendly. 

For our latest post, we’ve put together 4 ways we think you can create an energy efficient and eco-friendly home. Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive; there are many things you can do (both big and small) to make an impact to your corner of the world. We hope this post inspires you to take action and make changes wherever you can! Earth is home to everyone, after all. 

Recycle Where You Can

It goes without saying that recycling in your household is a fantastic way to reduce waste. But that can extend far beyond your recycling bin! If your home is in need of renovation, it may be possible for you to recycle (or reuse) features within your house. It may be that you can relocate cabinets or wardrobes for a different purpose elsewhere, or repurpose an item for a totally different use. 

In recent years, upcycling has become more popular and there are lots of ways to take an item and transform it into something useful. Failing that, consider donating unwanted items to charity if they are still in usable condition, or explore recycling options to ensure whatever can be reused is.



Replace your windows 

If your current windows are falling apart and look somewhat of an eyesore, then it’s time for an upgrade. But new windows (and doors) go beyond just making your house look nicer, they can be more energy efficient, too. At Brinard Joinery, our windows are ‘A’ rated and come with a range of glazing choices to maximise efficiency. Not only that, but we also offer Accoya windows and doors to our customers, which is both non-toxic and 100% recyclable. The wood is also sourced sustainable from FSC, PEFC and other regionally certified woods, making Accotya an eco-friendly and attractive choice. 

When it comes to being environmentally friendly, timber window frames are absolutely the way to go. Not only are they recyclable in the future, they last for a long time. This can’t be said for uPVC windows which are made from environmentally damaging plastic. 

Be Powered By The Sun 

More and more we are seeing both residential and commercial properties put up solar panels in a bid to be more eco-friendly. If you have the means to, harnessing the power of the sun creates a renewable source of energy that doesn’t impact the environment. Not only that, but solar panels can save you money too! That’s a win-win situation if ever we saw one. 

Say Goodbye To Single Use Plastics 

Plastic is terrible for the environment, and single use plastics have the potential damage our planet beyond repair if we continue to use them at the rate we are. It is predicted that, by 2050, the world’s oceans will contain more plastic than fish. What a horrifying thought!

Single use plastics include: plastic bottles, coffee cups, plastic bags, straws, and food packaging. But the great thing is that it’s so easy to reduce your plastic use without causing too much inconvenience to your day to day. Simple replacements for single use plastics include:

  • Reusable bottles and coffee cups 
  • Metal straws 
  • Paper bags 
  • Refillable cleaning products 
  • Canvas shopping bags
  • Compostable cutlery 
  • Beeswax wraps 
  • Glass bottles
  • And more! 

Living more eco-friendly lives is the first step to saving our beautiful planet. At Brinard Joinery, we are eco-conscious and, as such, offer a wide range of eco-friendly solutions to our customers. Not only that, we ensure that we minimise as far as possible the impact our work has on the environment and endeavour to recycle where possible and dispose of all of our waste responsibly. If you would like to learn more about our timber windows and doors, or bespoke joinery services, then contact us today