Long shot of a garden room on a summers day

With summer approaching ever closer, it can mean many things. People will be scrambling to get their summer holidays booked, give their wardrobe a much needed summer overhaul and they will be spending more time in their gardens. 

With the prospect of people spending more time in their garden, many people will be thinking of ways to reinvigorate their gardens to impress any potential house guests and to feel more comfortable and unique at home. 

Because of this; you might want to consider investing in a garden room this summer. Garden rooms are a fantastically easy to give your garden that bit of something special. It might not surprise you to know that garden rooms are one of many products we supply here at Brinard Joinery, along with many other great forms of bespoke joinery in Derby

So if you are considering investing in a garden room, let’s go over some of the essentials that any garden room must have. 

What Is a Garden Room? 

Before touching on the essentials of the aforementioned garden room, we first might want to consider what a garden room actually is. 

In the UK, garden rooms are often referred to as ‘posh sheds’ due to the fact that they serve many of the same purposes of that of a shed but they look considerably more fancy. 

To put it plainly; a garden room is usually a wooden structure separate from your main residence. The room usually serves as a cross between a shed and a conservatory, with the main distinction being that it is separate from your home. 

However, there is so much more you can do with a garden room. 

Fixtures and Lighting

If you intend to treat your garden room as an intended living space, which most people do, you will need certain fixtures and fittings. Part of the mentioned lightning will include sufficient lighting, otherwise, you will not be able to occupy the space at night time. 

Appropriate seating arrangements and furniture is also a must for any garden room. Exactly how you choose to garnish your room with furniture is up to you. You might decide to implement a fancy deluxe furniture set, or, you might opt for a few simple garden chairs. 

You might even decide to change the windows and doors. As such, we might recommend our fabulous Accoya doors and windows due their exceptionally high quality and unbeatable  longevity. 

One thing is for certain however, you will need some kind of furniture, fixtures and fittings. 

Personalised Decor 

Garden rooms usually require some form of stylish or contemporary decor. One fantastic element of decor, is the fact that you can actually personalise it to meet your own tastes and requirements. 

Whether you want to decorate your room with your favourite movie poster or some sport memorabilia; you can do it your way with personalised decor. 

Adding Greenery

Adding greenery and aesthetically pleasing foliage is a great way to give your home that bit of something special and this is very much the same for your garden room. 

You might want to invest in a lovely garden or house plant for your garden room. 

Why Not Install A Garden Room This Summer?  

If you are thinking of installing a garden room this summer, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can also help you with any of your bespoke joinery service questions.

Whether you are looking for an external wooden door in Derby or timber windows in Nottingham, you will be able to help you.