male worker using a paint brush to paint a white external wooden door

As we enter the month of May, our external doors have dealt with harsh weather conditions during the past few months. Luckily, the weather has started to settle down and we can get our home’s exterior ready for the warmer months ahead. 

External wooden doors are known for their low maintenance properties, especially ones made from Accoya wood. However, low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. To keep them looking their best, you can follow these steps on how to properly maintain and care for your external wooden doors.

1) Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your external wooden doors removes the buildup of dirt and grime. Start by using a dry soft brush or cloth to get rid of dust, loose dirt and cobwebs. Next, dampen a cloth in soapy warm water and wipe the door, from top to bottom including the hinges and hardware. Avoid harsh cleaners as these can damage the wood. Pay extra close attention to ridges and edges where dirt tends to gather. Allow the door to air dry. For french, bi-folding or sliding doors, use window cleaner to clean any glass panes. 

2) Make Repairs

While you are cleaning your external doors, it’s also worth inspecting them for any cracks, splits or rotting wood. If there is damage, it should be filled with two-component exterior wood filler. Any small defects can be filled with single-component fine surface exterior filler. In addition, all door components should be in good working condition. Loose parts will need to be tightened and missing parts will need to be replaced.

3) Lubricate Hinges, Locks and Handles

If your external door is making a squeaky noise, use a silicone or a white lithium-based spray such as WD-40. These solutions add a protective film and work as a lubricator and a water displacer to loosen rusty or stuck parts. Shake the can before use and spray a small amount on the hinges, locks and handles. Manually open and close the door a few times to help distribute the spray further into the moving parts. Finally, wipe around the area to remove any excess product that causes drips or stains. Repeat the process until your door is no longer squeaking.

4) Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Over time, the paint on your external wooden doors can peel or fade, decreasing your curb appeal. A great way to bring it back to life is with a fresh coat of paint. After you’ve cleaned the door and it is fully dry, remove your metal features and fittings such as the door number, handle and postbox. Use sandpaper to lightly sand off the old remaining paint and smoothen out any imperfections. For best results, sand in the direction of the wood grain. Once the dust has settled, wipe the surface down with white spirit. 

Apply a layer of primer and allow it to dry. Choose a paint or stain suitable for external wooden doors with UV protection or weather resistance in the colour of your choice. Give the paint a good stir, follow the manufacturer’s directions and work in sections. Use a roller where you can to speed up the process and use a paintbrush to work the paint into the corners and grooves. Allow it to dry for a few hours before proceeding with a second coat. 

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If your current external wooden door is old, rotting or damaged, it can cause cold draughts or moisture leaks in your home and affect your curb appeal. Luckily, it is easy to find a replacement at Brinard Joinery. Visit our showroom in Alfreton to see our range of hand-crafted external wooden doors, windows, staircases, bespoke kitchens, conservatories, orangeries and more. Our external wooden doors are made from Accoya wood and can be tailor-made to perfectly fit your home’s entrance. 

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