Brown external wooden door

With summer slowly fading away, coupled with the unpredictable British weather it is important to know to protect your wooden doors.

As the leading supplier of bespoke joinery, including wooden windows and doors, Brinard Joinery knows all the best tips to keep your timber products looking brand new – no matter the weather.

How Can Bad Weather Affect Timber?

Without sufficient protection and treatments, wooden surfaces can be vulnerable to a number of types of damage. Even if it is purely cosmetic, this could certainly lower your home’s curb appeal and lower its valuation if you intend to sell in the future.

If left unprotected against rain, hail or snow during winter, wooden surfaces can suffer from the following –

Discolouration – It is possible that wet rot can develop in the wood, which can cause affected areas to discolour. This will often become darker than the surrounding wood.

Become Soft or Spongy – Unprotected wood will also likely become softer and spongier than it should be. This condition will make it extremely easy for the wood to suffer considerable damage.

Cracked Surface – When the wood eventually dries it is possible that it appears cracked and worn and will also crumble to touch. This will leave the wood, especially in interiors to serious structural issues.

Risk of Fungus Growth – If wooden surfaces are unprotected and left exposed to the elements, they could develop fungi and other growths. They can also harm people in the nearby area as well as the wood. For example, the fungus can trigger asthma attacks and lead to breathing difficulties and fungus can often be accompanied by a damp, musty smell, even after the wood has dried.

Accoya Wood Makes the Difference

Luckily, Brinard Joinery work with the finest Accoya timber for our windows, doors and bespoke joinery, which is manufactured to last 50 years!

Accoya uses the wood modification process known as acetylation, which alters the actual cell structure of wood which increases its durability. Acetylation helps the wood form a barrier to insect attacks by making it indigestible. Swelling and shrinking are also reduced by 75% which means your doors and windows will look spectacular whatever the weather.

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