External Wooden Doors

External wooden doors play a pretty big part in the first impressions of your home. And it stands to reason, doesn’t it? Your front door cannot be bypassed. Guests have no choice but to see it before entering your home. And, by that point, they will have already made a decision about your decor before setting foot inside.

Your front and back doors are an important part of your home. They are an opportunity for you to showcase your unique personality and style, they protect your home, and they add value and curb appeal. Here at Brinard Joinery, we love putting our expertise in joinery to the test by creating bespoke external wooden doors for our customers. And we are often asked what is the best type of wood for creating sturdy and attractive doors.

So, if you’re looking for the answer to that question…read on! We’ve put together a quick guide to external wooden doors to help you out.

External Wooden Doors: What You Need To Know

When it comes to aesthetics, we believe that nothing beats well made external wooden doors. Not only do they give off a sense of warmth and charm, they also come across as sturdy and solid. In one of our previous blog posts we pitched wood against uPVC and came to the same conclusion. Wooden external doors create a cosy vibe to your home that can’t be replicated with other materials.

That being said, it’s not always easy to know where to begin when it comes to external wooden doors. There’s a vast array of options on the market, and with bespoke joinery from Brinard Joinery there’s also a huge range of customisation available to you too.

Accoya External Wooden Doors

External wooden doors crafted from Accoya wood is a fantastic way to meet the requirements of a modern home with a traditional aesthetic.

Accoya wood is actually a modified timber. Through a process called acetylation, this long life wood is made to be both strong and resistant to the elements. In fact, it is guaranteed to last for 50 year above ground and can be used for almost any purpose including decking, cladding, windows and external wooden doors.

In fact, there’s not much Accoya timber doesn’t do. Alongside its stability and durability, this modified wood is also low maintenance. That means painted Accoya external wooden doors last twice as long as traditionally painted doors. And, even better, is that it adds value to your home while remaining thermally efficient – so you’ll save money too!

The team at Brinard Joinery are big fans of Accoya timber, especially when it comes to external doors and windows. It is easy to work, can be used in bespoke joinery, and is customisable to your requirements, right down to the colour. We think it’s a winner when it comes to bespoke wooden external doors!

Hardwood External Doors

A more traditional choice than Accoya, hardwood external doors (oak in particular) have been a popular choice for hundreds of years. And who can dispute it? When it comes to aesthetics, cost and durability, hardwood oak external doors tick all the boxes you could possibly need.

As we become more and more conscious of our impact on the environment, wooden external doors are the obvious choice. Most hardwoods, like oak, are sourced from sustainable forests. This makes them a much more attractive option than uPVC doors and windows, especially for the eco-friendly individuals among us. Not only that, but good quality external wooden doors in oak have proven themselves to be low maintenance and highly durable (not to mention much easier to repair than plastic options).

All in all, when treated with care, you can expect a hardwood external door crafted from oak to last around 25 years! And, during that time, you will feel the benefit of a gorgeous door that can be made to suit your exacting specifications. External wooden doors provide the wow factor for homes when they are made by a high quality joinery like Brinard. And both the weight and solid finish of a wooden door affords a sense of security and style like no other.

The Benefits of External Wooden Doors

The two woods we have listed above are the most popular choices for our clients. That being said, there are a huge amount of wood types to choose from when it comes to external doors. Including mahogany, pine and maple to name just a few.

But when it comes to looking at the benefits of external wooden doors, they are very much the same no matter the type of wood. From eco-friendly to energy efficient, a solid external door rendered in wood is a joy forever. What’s more, the world is your oyster when it comes to design and customisation. It can be repainted or finished should you fancy a change, and so many things can be done to enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

The only limitation is your imagination!

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Here at Brinard Joinery, we love helping our customers to design the best external wooden doors for their home. Whether that is a door crafted from beautiful Accoya or bifolding doors made from hardwood material, our external wooden doors are suitable for properties of all ages and sizes. If you’re looking for external wooden doors, give us a call today and let our friendly team help you pick the right materials and style for your home.