Wooden U Shaped Staircase

Are you looking for some custom wooden staircase designs for your residential or commercial property? Well, you’re in the right place! We’ll be explaining what designs are available to you. Because a staircase is an important and centred piece of a property, it’s important to know what your options are and how each style can benefit your interior design, while being most practical for you and your family.

Custom wooden staircases are certainly a way to add an element of sophistication and style to your home. At Brinard Joinery, we offer traditional designs and winding or spiral staircases – if you’ve got the vision, we’ve got the materials to create a dreamy aesthetic for your home.

Whether you know which staircase design is suitable for you or if you’re simply entertaining the idea of browsing, our friendly team will work closely with you to create a show-stopping statement staircase that will communicate your unique style to impress all of your guests.

To see the custom wooden staircases we’ve installed for our customers, view our gallery here.

Straight Wooden Staircase

With a straight wooden staircase design, you can rest assured that you’ll be investing your budget in one of the most straightforward and simple installations available.

Because there are no changes in direction required when installing a straight wooden staircase, the stairs only need to be connected at the top and the bottom without any intermediate supporting structure required. This simplicity avoids added labour and cost, whilst adding a big style change to your property. This may just be the reason that straight staircases are one of the most common types of stairs found in both residential and commercial properties.

Another plus of installing a straight custom wooden staircase to your property is that measuring for railings for straight stairs is simpler than for other stair designs, meaning you can start the job sooner than if you needed multiple consultations to run through how corners, etc, would sit. It’s also simple to build handrails and railings for straight stairs, which makes straight stair designs a very simple staircase style to achieve.

In terms of practicality, straight stairs tend to be the easiest to navigate, simply travelling up and down with ease. While straight stairs are usually the easiest to build, this does depend on the level of detail you require in the design. Custom straight wooden staircases tend to work well with minimalist interiors due to them being quite simple, offering you a clean finish to complement the room’s existing aesthetic.

L-Shaped Wooden Staircase

With an L-shaped wooden staircase, you’ll have a staircase that starts as a straight staircase with a bend in some portion of the stairs, and this bend can sit closer to the top or bottom of the stairs depending on practicalities and your preference. To achieve this bend, the addition of a landing at the transition point is needed. This bend and landing point usually sit at 90 degrees to make a straightforward bend, but this is a bespoke design and is a measurement you can choose depending on what you’re looking to achieve with this type of design.

Regarding the design of an L-shaped staircase, this can bring a more visually interesting statement to your home, while also helping to provide a visual separation between floors which adds privacy. Also, this type of staircase can be located in the corner of the decided room to flow better with your design, or if you’d like the piece to be a statement, you have the flexibility of choosing a more obvious place for your stairs.

Practically, the L-shaped stairs can be a safer option than straight stairs as if there was a fall at any point, the fall would be shorter to the landing (halfway point) rather than the full length of a straight set of stairs.

U-Shaped Wooden Staircase

Very similar to the L-shaped staircase, the U-shaped custom wooden staircase is structured as two parallel flights of straight stairs that meet with a halfway landing that creates a 180-degree turn in the stairs. With two turns instead of one, the aesthetic appeal is much more centred and symmetrical which many people love about this style of custom wooden staircase.

When it comes to practicality, U-shaped staircases can be an easy choice when working your stairs into an architectural plan. Another advantage of a U-shaped staircase is that the landing that sits halfway between the two straight sets of stairs can offer a resting point where you could create another mini-feature level between the two floors.

Regarding design, this U shape is architecturally interesting to some simpler stair designs, as well as being attractive and unique. While being easier to work into your layout plans, a U-shaped design is practically ideal for commercial spaces as they can fit into smaller areas very well.

U-Shaped Wooden Staircase

Spiral Wooden Staircase

Spiral staircases might not be the most common type of stair style around, but it’s certainly the most well-known. They are brilliantly unique, while saving space compared to other staircase designs. The spiral boasts uniqueness and easy installation without the centre pole and landing needing extra support structures, which is why many people invest in this type of design.

The biggest reason a spiral staircase is so appealing as well as fashionable is due to its space saving ability and flexibility. The compact design of a spiral staircase means it can fit into tighter spaces than a traditional staircase, and can also be moved around during your planning process to reach different access points before you decide on a final layout plan. This flexibility allows you to control the entrance and exit points of your staircase.

The design is truly one of a kind, with a central pole attached to each step spiralling around it from top to bottom. The design is often used as a feature that’s made to be as noticeable as possible, for all to see. A custom option for you to choose from with this style is the many variations of railings available which can impact the overall design massively.

Spiral Wooden Staircase

Curved Wooden Staircase

Curved wooden staircases are similar on paper to the spiral staircase design, and are considered to be just as desirable due to the stunning prestige and beauty they present in one’s home or business. The curve style is often presented at the entry to a property as it’s definitely the feature you’d most want to show off to guests and clients or customers to make the best first impression possible.

This being said, this is the most expensive stair design due to their installation needing skills in many areas such as advanced woodworking and curved stair skills and engineering expertise. One more downfall of a curved staircase compared to a spiral staircase is that they have a much larger radius, meaning the spiral option is the right choice for you if you need a compact solution for a small space.

Curved Wooden Staircase

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