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It’s the end of summer and before long we’ll have forgotten all about those sunny days that we enjoyed in 2013. But actually now’s an ideal time to start planning your orangery. Building work can be carried out during the Autumn and early Winter when the weather remains dry, and with any hope(!) we won’t be having another harsh snowy Winter along the lines of last year.

Don’t forget that an orangery can be used all year round. Unlike conservatories, the walls of orangeries tend to be made predominantly from brick, so whilst you are benefiting from maximum light through the glass roof, orangeries are going to remain much warmer. Orangeries are becoming a popular extension on kitchens, which extend out into your back garden. An Orangery with big doors can become a seamless link between your house and garden. Equally if you feel like there’s unused space in your garden, an orangery can be a valuable investment for that space.

Orangeries – Bespoke designs

Your orangery can be a bespoke design, so it’s a really exciting building project for you. Whilst you may have to obtain building regulations for larger size orangeries, there’s certainly no limits in terms of how you want your orangery to look, exterior and interior.

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Brinard Joinery are a Derbyshire based business and we build orangeries locally and further afield. So for all enquiries about orangeries in Derby, Matlock, Chesterfield, Nottingham, Leicestershire and Sheffield, contact us today.

You’ll also find some great ideas for Orangeries, and windows in our gallery.


Bespoke Joinery in Derbyshire