A timeless country kitchen

A kitchen can be the hub of everyday life, where home life is based, the place for socialising between with family friends and even sitting down for a family meal.  As the kitchen can be seen as the heart of the home it is important that it reflect you and is in keeping with the rest of your home. At Brinard we can produce great bespoke kitchen we are suited to your own individual  tastes and style, our bespoke kitchens are great for all budgets and can be tailor-made to suit large or even the smallest of kitchens.

Bespoke Kitchen: An investment that’s built to last

We understand at Brinard how important a  kitchen is to a home and how people very often invest a lot of time and money in gaining the perfect kitchen.  We can coordinate the style and construction of the bespoke kitchen to suit the theme of your home and decorate it in colours of your choice, to match your décor or to match other joinery in your home. We can even spray paint your furniture to match the kitchen!

For all our bespoke kitchen we use the best materials to ensure your kitchen looks the best and because of your investment, we can ensure that your kitchen will withstand the test of time. At Brinard we can provide a range of high-quality kitchens working directly with you, the customer. We can design and build modern and contemporary kitchens which clean and simple pieces, with a modern twist. We can also provide more traditional kitchens, bespoke kitchens which are reminiscent of those you would expect to see in a farmhouse, or a kitchen which is completely unique to you.

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