Wooden Sash Windows

Wooden sash windows have traditionally been a feature of architecture in the United Kingdom for centuries. With such a diverse range of housing stock in this country, particularly from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras. Whether you live in a town, city, or the countryside, you will be familiar with the style and design of wooden sash windows. Consisting of several moving panels they are either fitted flush to the exterior of a building or extrude to create a bay area, usually on the front of a home.

Traditional Sliding Wooden Sash Windows

Traditional sliding sash windows would have been made of oak many centuries ago. Other species include maple and teak, but over time hardwoods have been substituted for soft woods such as pine. Here at Brinard Joinery we use a specially formulated wood product called accoya. This is a contemporary wood technology which has undergone acetylation. The process increases durability by 75% giving it excellent strength and durability. We combine traditional styling for your wooden sash windows with expert joinery techniques to create and install bespoke windows which look fantastic and combine first class durability. We can match the end product to period architecture or contemporary builds.

Spiral Balance Sash Windows

Spiral balances help to open and position sash windows. They counter the weight making the process easier and act as a function for holding the window open at the desired level. Essentially a tube within which a rod connects to a spring to regulate opening, closing and tension. This method is a substitute to the traditional system of sash weights, cords, and pulleys.
They can be fitted to timber sash windows in period properties but also offer a cost effective alternative in late 20th Century and new build properties.

Mock Sash Window

The mock sash window is ideal for newer properties to give the appearance of traditional timber sash windows while utilising the benefits of contemporary double glazing and modern wood materials like accoya. This type of window can open outwards instead of sliding vertically up or down to open. Delivering timeless style and design with longevity you also get a very secure window should you be wishing to improve this within older properties without compromising on appearance.

Choose Brinard Joinery Ltd for Sash Windows

With nearly four decades of bespoke joinery experience, Brinard Joinery Ltd are experts in the manufacture and installation of all types of wooden sash windows. To discuss your requirements further please contact us and we would be delighted to provide a quote for your home improvement project.

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