A Rated Windows

If you are looking for the most efficient and durable A Rated windows around, then Brinard Joinery have the perfect solution for you. With over 30 years’ experience and fantastic workmanship in supplying bespoke windows, Brinard Joinery have provided homes all over the UK with windows that have been truly beneficial to customers.

Exceptional A Rated windows for your home

A Rated windows have become increasingly popular over the years and Brinard Joinery are a proud supplier of these windows as they guarantee excellent customer satisfaction. These windows come with a great deal of benefits and can be fitted into any home.
A Rated windows are energy efficient which meet the requirements of document Q of the building regulations. This is due to their double or triple glazing glass which allows less energy to be lost through the windows, therefore you will spend less money on your heating bills! Our A rated windows even pass the PAS 24 for domestic security because the windows can even be made laminated and this creates extra security for your home during these dark nights.
Should you choose us for your windows, we recommend having our Accoya windows frames to go alongside you’re A Rated windows as they are without a doubt one of the best frames in the country. You will be getting the most out of the money you spend because they are made with natural high technology wood that includes an insect barrier, making the frames less likely to deteriorate. They will last for up to 50 years! This extraordinary wood even has reduced swelling up to 75% compared to other window frames so your windows will open nicely all year without any hassle.
Not only would you get all the benefits from the Accoya range, the wood they are made of is stunning and can be made bespoke to suit your styles, not to mention they need little maintenance making them the best choice for A rated windows!

Environmentally friendly A Rated windows

With the wood being 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, there really is no reason to look elsewhere for your A Rated windows. If you would like more information on our windows and frames then please contact us, we can even discuss other products we offer such as our bespoke doors.