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Did Santa get you everything you wanted for Christmas? Or did he not get you what you really wanted, which was a brand new Accoya door?  

January can be a harsh time for wooden doors. As temperatures drop, your wooden door might contract as the colder weather creeps in. This is potentially problematic as the door will then expand during the warmer months; the constant fluctuation of temperatures can cause your door to lose a lot of their structural integrity. This can result in the warping of the aforementioned door. 

This highlights the importance of ensuring you are making the correct decision when it comes to your all-important new wooden door purchase. 

Luckily, we have just the answer. Throughout the last couple of years, we have showcased the exceptional quality of Accoya windows and, of course, doors, and this year will be no different. Making the switch to this industry leading wood is more important than ever. 

So, if you have a traditional wooden door and are thinking of making the switch to an Accoya model, we would like to highlight a few of the key advantages you would see by making this change in 2022. 

Exceptional Quality

Your external wooden door is exposed to the elements throughout the year. This means when you make a purchase of a product, you want or expect, it to be of exceptional quality. It might go without saying but Accoya wood is of extremely high quality. 

Other than the obvious reasons, having top quality wooden windows will drastically decrease the chances of you encountering problems with your windows this winter. Accoya wood might have stopped the previously mentioned bowing of the wooden door. 

In the winter, poor quality wooden doors are increasingly prone to damage, especially older ones. Overtime they can develop cracks leading to air leaks which will not only damage the whole of your door but make your home significantly colder. 

It is recommended that you should not let the temperature inside your home drop below 10-15 degrees celsius. If your door has air leaks, it will make your house much colder. 

Energy Sufficiency

In earlier 2022, energy providers were advising that utility bills were at a record high with them only expected to increase. 

You might not think that what door you have fitted would have any effect on your energy bills, however, you would be wrong. An Accoya wooden door offers much better insulation than your traditional wooden door which highlights draft proofing and sealing properties. 

An Accoya wooden door can also help to keep heat in your home meaning you become less reliant on central heating. 

Environmentally Friendly

In 2022, there is being a wholehearted push on reducing your carbon footprint and being more environmentally aware. Since 2013, the UK government has been running the Green Deal initiative and this will be continuing throughout 2022. 

Accoya wood is incredibly environmentally friendly. This rings even more true when you compare the material to other industrial used alternatives. Accoya is both non-toxic and 100% recyclable making them very easy to reuse. 

The wood is expertly sourced from the FSC, PEFC and other regionally certified woods. Additionally, fast growing radiata pine trees are used to create Accoya wood which means there is no apparent threat to potentially vulnerable forests. 


As a customer, when you make any purchase, you want the product to have a certain degree of longevity. You wouldn’t want a new car to fail after 3 months or your kettle to stop working on the day of purchase.

When it comes to longevity and durability, Accoya wood has a clear leg up on the competition. Because of its superior durability, Accoya will knock Co2 out of the atmosphere longer than any other wood related product. In regards to lifespan, the material is can last up to 90 years. This is significantly longer than PVC and Alu-Clad other materials commonly used for doors and windows. 


Words used to describe wooden doors are normally words such as sleek, homely and fashionable. 

The exterior wooden doors are also incredibly versatile. If you have a more traditional older brick house or even a stylish country cottage, Accoya wooden windows and doors will look fit in perfectly. 

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