Timber Windows from Brinard Joinery

With the need to lower our carbon footprint and protect the environment for more important than ever; choosing the most environmentally friendly timber for your housing projects is crucial.

Brinard Joinery uses Accoya for our windows and doors, with their material rigorously tested to ensure it is the most sustainable timber on the market. Accoya wood is thoroughly examined and recognised by such standards as the Life Cycle Analysis and the Environmental Product Declarations. They also regularly seek to acquire the most respected ecolabels all over the world.

Measuring Your Carbon Footprint with Accoya Timber

A carbon footprint assessment measures greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) during the life cycle and compares them to alternative products in terms of kg CO2 equivalent (CO2e). Accoya carries out its own carbon footprint assessment, in line with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the best practice guidelines for the World Resources Institute’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Protocol. This is based on a cradle to gate scenario i.e. right up until the timber leaves the factory gate and also includes sourcing, harvesting and processing of the input lumber.

Tests from Accoya have revealed that their timber scores significantly better than metals (aluminium), plastics (PVC) and unsustainably sourced hardwood and it is on par with certified (sustainably sourced) hardwood. This also makes Accoya the best choice from an environmental point of view with its dimensional stability and UV resistance.
Because of the limited emissions during production, carbon credits are ‘earned’ through temporary carbon storage during use (especially for long lifespan use) and incineration for electricity at its end of life stage.

The Best Timber Windows and Doors from Brinard Joinery

Brinard Joinery has been working with Accoya for a number of years to develop the finest timber windows and doors for customers right across Nottingham and Derbyshire.
If you would like to know more about how we can help you transform your home, please contact us today.