Bespoke joinery in Nottingham

Bespoke joinery manufactured staircases from Brinard Joinery add character and warmth to your home.
Once we have added wooden staircases to your property it’s important to know the best methods to keep them clean.
Here’s four simple steps to help you maintain their beautiful appearance –

• Sweep, vacuum or dust the stairs first
• Know the sealant that is on your stairs
• Buy a cleaner that’s applicable to the type of finished wood
• Wipe the solution on a terry cloth or a micro-fiber covered mop
• If they are a high traffic area you will need to polish the staircases and bannister at least once a month too

Spillages are bound to happen over time but it’s important to make sure the spill doesn’t soak into your wooden staircase. Wipe it clean and wash right away, especially if the liquid has artificial colouring which could lead to having to sand the step back to the wood to clean the grain.

Choosing Your Design of Stairs using Bespoke Joinery in Sheffield

The design of your bespoke timber staircase is sometimes dictated by the layout of your home but working with Brinard Joinery gives you plenty of options to create something truly unique.
For example you could choose a straight staircase that runs alongside your wall and doesn’t require two balustrades giving you more living space downstairs.
Alternatively straight stairs with a central landing that can be used a decorative area for plants, a loveseat or interesting art on the wall.

Talk to Us About Bespoke Joinery in Sheffield

For over three decades Brinard Joinery have been providing bespoke joinery in Sheffield, Derby, Matlock, Chesterfield and Nottingham.
From stunning staircases, timber windows, country kitchens and conservatories to orangeries we’ve got you covered!
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