A Yellow Daffodil in front of Sash Windows

It has been almost a year since we last spoke to you about Sash windows and their incredible benefits. While we frequently touch on the apparent brilliance of windows such as our fabulous Accoya windows and traditional wooden standards, the aptly dubbed sash windows has not garnered nearly as much attention. 

Because of this, many of us might struggle to understand what sash windows actually are and furthermore, why you should choose them over other window types. Because of this, we have decided to provide a breakdown detailing what they are and why you might opt for sash windows in your home in the future. 

What Are Sash Windows? 

To put it plainly, sash windows are windows with one, or even two, sashes which can vertically slide to make an opening. The windows are called so largely due to the aforementioned sashes which enable the sliding movement. 

The popular window form has quite the illustrious history with routes stemming all the way back to England in the 1670s. In fact, you could argue that this unique type of window goes as far back as Europe in the 13th Century. It must be said however, they did not particularly resemble a window back then, they were closer to resembling wooden sliding shutters. 

Why Choose Them? 

Now that we have established what sash windows are and how they have been very popular for many years, we might want to examine why people opt for these historic windows. 

Incredible Ventilation 

One of the commonly cited benefits of sash windows is the incredible ventilation they offer. Sliding windows in general can usually open at the top and at the bottom simultaneously meaning they offer far more opportunities for ventilation especially when you compare them to traditional window formats. 

Apertures at the top and bottom of the window creates a convection for air flow which works perfectly when it comes to cooling your room, this is especially beneficial during the hot summer months. 

Energy Efficiency

Sash windows were originally designed with only single glazing in mind. As a result of this, they were virtually forgotten when double glazed windows were introduced. However, the windows were not forgotten for too long as they did make a triumphant return in a double and triple glazing style. More energy efficient glazing, such as the previously mentioned double glazing, is a fantastically simple way to help lower your energy bills. With bills on the rise, these are savings you can ill afford to miss out on.  

Suited To A Classical Aesthetic 

Because sash windows are such a traditional window style, they are well suited to a classical aesthetic. It tells a lot about sash windows that even though that have been around for hundreds of years, they remain rather fashionable especially when it comes to buildings with a periodic approach. It is not uncommon to see this style of window on classical styled buildings up and down the country. 

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