Bespoke joinery cad picture

The word bespoke is thrown around quite often in modern times. We see bespoke jewellery, bespoke artwork, bespoke outfits, but what about bespoke woodwork? Aka, Bespoke Joinery.

What makes joinery bespoke?

Here at Brinard Joinery, we specialise in bespoke joinery. This means that our joinery is not a one size fits all, we don’t follow a simple plan and just simply adjust it to fit your home. Far from the same old joinery time and time again. Bespoke joinery means that each and every project that we undertake is one of a kind, designed specifically for you and your home. The joys of working with wood means that even when we arrive to fit your bespoke pieces, we still have the scope to make adjustments, ensuring that everything is the perfect fit.

What does bespoke joinery project include?

When we undertake a bespoke project we work with you right from the conception of the project, through to the finishing touches, no matter whether it is a complete timber-framed conservatory, or a small bespoke bookcase. So what does that include for your project?
The conception – this is where you as the customer approaches us with the idea for your project and we can begin to discuss what you are looking for.
The design – at this stage we can obtain measurements and get an idea of the style that you are looking for. We will create a design ready for you to see, ensuring that we will be giving you the perfect, bespoke, results at the end of the project. During this stage, we can make any number of changes to ensure that you are happy.
The build – here we transfer the design to life. Taking the design from paper (or screen) to the workshop and making every cut with precision accuracy.
The fitting – whether we are fitting a complete set of new windows and doors, a brand new bespoke conservatory, a fully personalised kitchen, or even just a cupboard to sit under the stairs, this fitting gives us the opportunity to make any last minutes tweaks, from small adjustments to a change in fitting to keep the piece in place.
The finishing touches – finishing touches can include anything from a last-minute paint touch up, to cleaning all the glass in your new orangery. Making sure that we leave you and your home happy, clean and tidy, no matter the project.
The check-up – when we leave your home after completing a project, this doesn’t mean we cut all ties with you (unless your cup of tea was that bad of course!), we always love to hear how our bespoke joinery is making an impact on your home. So let us know if those new A-rated windows are keeping that draught out, or that the new conservatory is the perfect place to sit and watch the birds fly by. And if you have any concerns after we have left, please let us know, we don’t want to leave you with any doubt or questions.

Our friendly team of joiners and designers love nothing more than to see a project through from start to finish, no matter how small. So get in touch today to ensure that you have the very best in not only quality but friendly teams around. And remember, send us pictures once you have settled in with your new project as we love seeing the difference we can make for our customers.

To find out more about bespoke joinery from Brinard Joinery head over to our latest news page or you can contact us today and a member of our expert team will be more than happy to assist you.